Lots of Vegas nightclubs call themselves “cutting edge,” but few actually deliver the goods. Haze actually does by virtue of its location, inside the luxurious Aria Hotel and Casino at City Center, and state-of-the-art everything.

We are pleased to announce our new affiliation with the Light Group’s hottest nightspot, from the same partnership that brought you Jet. We are now offering shuttle service to Haze every Friday and Saturday night beginning Feb. 3. It is the same arrangement we had with Jet, which ended with the Mirage nightclub’s closing last Labor Day weekend. We will depart from the lobby at 10 p.m. and return at 2:45 a.m.

Female Tahiti Village owners and guests get in free. The first 15 male owners who register with a concierge are also admitted free. Additional male owners receive a discounted admission rate, and non-owner females and males pay a discounted admission rate.

Now you have another great reason to put your owner’s card to use. No wristbands required. Please register with a concierge or call (702) 440-6915 for information.

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  1. So do females also have to register to go or just show owners card? I may be down on the strip already and just want to pop in.

    1. Thank you for writing, Staci. We wish it weren’t so but there’s no popping in on Haze on a busy weekend night. You need connections to enter without a wait, connections like our friendly Tahiti Village concierge. Registering is no trouble at all, and our convenient shuttle takes you straight to Aria and back. Sounds like a win-win to us.

  2. I went to Haze last Friday through Tahiti Village. A couple things you should know. The place is very nice and we had a great time but be prepared for $20.00 drinks. Also when you get to the club, you will find that there are lines of people everywhere trying to get in. I thought we were going to have to wait at least an hour but we went up to the host and told him we were with Tahiti Village and he looked at the list and let us right in. The shuttle even waited a couple minutes after the scheduled return time to bring us back.

    1. Thank you for writing, Rafael. Your report from the front line underscores the necessity of Tahiti Village owners and guests contemplating a night at Haze to register in advance with a concierge. While we can’t do anything about the drink prices ($20 seems to be the standard for an upscale Vegas nightclub), we can save you up to $40 a person on admission and expedite your entrance into the club. Thank you once again for your informative post.

  3. I was at Tahiti Village last weekend and heard from other guests that they got in free to a special event at Haze and saw Cee Lo Green on Saturday the night before. They said they it was a blast. I did not see any special promotions for Cee Lo when I was at the property. Can you post when there are special events? We still have a fun time btw. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for writing, John. First of all, Cee Lo Green?!?! The Lady Killer hisself?!?! And we missed him?!?! Aaarrrggghhh!!!! We bet your friends had a blast. You didn’t see any advance promotions because Cee Lo’s appearance constituted a special event, and our arrangement with Haze typically does not allow for admission during special events. Consequently, posting advance notices of appearances by guest performers is unlikely. Your friends just happened to hit the jackpot this time: scoring free admission to Haze on a night Cee Lo Green was appearing. It’s just another example of Haze setting the bar at a ridiculously high level. It just doesn’t get any better.

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