New sofa sleeper

As the last remaining guest units receive new carpeting and vinyl flooring, bringing to a close the first phase of our yearlong room renovation project, we can now turn our attention to Phase 2, also known as: Here Come the Sofa Sleepers!  

Our first sofa bed shipment – three truckloads of 42 queen sofa sleepers – arrived last week. That’s 126 if you’re counting. Two more truckloads are scheduled next week and two more the week after. Only when we have as many new sofa sleepers as guest units – another nine weeks, according to Tahiti Village director of facilities Patrick St. Pierre – will the trucks cease delivering.

Wider arm rests distinguish Bora Bora sofa beds from those in our Moorea units, so if you’re one of those people who require a nearby surface large enough to accommodate a pizza, please keep that in mind.

Installation is occurring on a piecemeal basis, starting with newly floored and carpeted Tower 5 units, then continuing in Tower 2 and finally Tower 1. Vacancy levels will determine how quickly we can complete the work.

New sofa sleeper


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