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The Arturo's Village Pizza story begins with a boy from Brooklyn in love with a time, a place and a borough. A boy who never forgot the sights, the sounds and oh yes, the pizza. Especially the pizza.

He was a regular at every family-owned pizza joint running the length of Coney Island Ave and along the narrow side streets for years, but the pie-tossing proprietors never knew his name and never once bothered to ask if it was Tony or Joey or Frankie or, more to the fact, Artie.

Artie was a creature of habit, and his habit was two slices, always for the road.

These are the memories Artie took with him when eventually, reluctantly, he left his hometown to make his way in the world.

Eventually he moved to Las Vegas and built Tahiti Village from the ground up. Arturo's Village Pizza wouldn't exist at all if anyone else in Las Vegas had been able to make a bona fide Brooklyn pizza with the flavor that had imprinted itself on Artie's taste buds. He knew that if he ever wanted a genuine taste of his hometown he would have to bring Brooklyn to Vegas.

Artie and his team flew to New York and embarked on a fact-finding flavor mission to Brooklyn's legendary pizzerias. What they learned there they brought back to Tahiti Village, and now - quite paradoxically - a South Pacific-themed resort is the one and true purveyor of authentic Brooklyn-style pizza in Las Vegas, with one notable difference: We will always ask you your name.

Welcome to Arturo’s Village Pizza! Voted best pizzeria in Vegas, 2020!


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