Woman in a yoga pose in the desert.

For the sake of balance, letting loose and having fun in the glittering city of Vegas is often countered with detox workouts like Pilates or yoga. Finding a relaxing yoga oasis in the middle of the desert can seem like an impossible task. However, amidst all the pumping clubs, buzzing casinos, and dazzling shows, there is a diverse community of dedicated yogis. Below are some of the highest-rated yoga studios in Las Vegas where you can enjoy a practice of all kinds.

Woman in a yoga pose in the desert.

Modo Yoga Las Vegas

Modo yoga is a type of yoga that combines the fundamentals of traditional and therapeutic yoga in a heated environment. At Modo Yoga Las Vegas, a welcoming team of skilled instructors guide you through the practice in a judgment-free and socially conscious environment. For new members, an entire month of unlimited yoga in Las Vegas is only $40, making it accessible to most yogis.

Body Heat Hot Pilates and Yoga

This studio is committed to helping their clients achieve their highest level of fitness while enjoying the journey. Body Heat Pilates and Yoga offers a variety of classes ranging from beginner to advanced including Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Sculpt, Baptiste, boot camp, Shred, and Barre. The spa-like quality of the facilities adds a luxurious touch to the client experience. Drop in classes start at $20 and memberships are available starting at $89.

Blue Sky Yoga

A donation-based studio located in north Vegas, Blue Sky Yoga offers an intimate, authentic experience in a modest and cozy atmosphere. Locals flock to this studio for its diverse classes, special events, and community feel. Local artwork decorates the walls while the small studio room makes for an intimate class setting. This casual environment is perfect for those looking for a low key and low-cost experience.

Sin City Yoga

Known for their tight-knit community and knowledgeable instructors, Sin City Yoga focuses on providing a well-rounded experience for their clients. While most of their offerings are in the form of yoga classes, the studio also offers teacher trainings, Reiki sessions, and corporate private classes. A small, intimate studio space enhances the charming community feel and affordable membership options are available so that everyone has a chance to practice.

The Grateful Yogi

Born from a passion for yoga, love, and healing, The Grateful Yogi provides guests with a pure, authentic class experience. From vigorous workouts to mellow candlelight flows, this studio’s class offerings are consistent favorites among locals and visitors. A small fee of $25 can get new students unlimited classes for one week.

Yogis in the yoga studio.

103 Hot Pilates and Yoga

On a mission to provide functional, clean, and welcoming facilities with a yoga-for-everybody feel, 103 Hot Pilates and Yoga has become a favorite among both beginner and advanced yogis. The team of instructors has a deep knowledge of the physical and psychological benefits of a consistent yoga practice and will help you create a plan so that you can achieve your individual goals. A $30 Intro Sweat Month will grant you access to 30 days of unlimited yoga so you can try out different class styles and instructors.

Barefoot Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a more exotic, diverse experience, head to Barefoot Sanctuary for belly dance, circus arts, earth care, and yoga. The team at Barefoot Sanctuary aims to foster a collaborative and creative environment infused with a sense of nature. Yoga classes embrace an expressive style in which the body’s natural restorative ability is highlighted. The classes are open to all levels and rates start at only $15 for a drop-in class.

Evolution Yoga

The instructional team at Evolution Yoga utilizes a mix of strength training, TRX, barre, and yoga to create a well-rounded and diverse experience for their clients. The variety of class styles allows clients to participate in a well-rounded assortment of experiences with one membership. Instructors are dedicated to helping each client achieve their fitness goals and will recommend a combination of classes and workouts that will help you get there.

Salt Room LV

Differentiated by their utilization of halotherapy, or salt therapy, Salt Room LV provides clients with a unique experience that is known to be helpful in relieving allergies, respiratory conditions, and skin conditions. Halo-yoga classes are available, which combine salt therapy with the benefits of yoga. The studio also offers Pilates classes, guided meditation, and spa services like facials and massages. With a three-month trial membership for $249 per month, Salt Room LV is on the pricier side, but the spa-like amenities and therapeutic benefits are worth it.

A yoga practice comes with a multitude of benefits including improved flexibility, increased strength, a clearer mind, and detoxification – which may be the most applicable benefit during a trip to Vegas. This booming city has a surprisingly prominent community of yogis that are happy to help you add relaxation and rejuvenation to your vacation itinerary.