January brings to Las Vegas the annual Consumer Electronics Show, a four-day techno fantasia that attracts more than 150,000 attendees eager to sample – and salivate over – the latest gadgets, gizmos and technologies their makers hope will change the world.

To those of you who are staying with us at Tahiti Village, welcome. We hope you have a wonderful time and are delighted you chose us as your CES headquarters.

If it wouldn’t be too big an imposition, could you please bring us back about 100 each of the hottest items from this year’s show? We’ve reduced them to a manageable half dozen and provided photos so you’ll know what to look for. Thanks!

Sony Walkman

Nokia phoneYou wouldn’t know it to look at us, but we’re true audiophiles who want only to reproduce master quality recordings just as the artists originally intended. That’s why we’d really appreciate the newly reintroduced Sony Walkman high definition music player. At only $1,119.99, it’s a bargain!

Microsoft’s $29 Nokia phone stays charged for 29 days. Sure, we love our iPhones as much as anyone, but we’re busy running a resort here. We can’t spend every waking minute sitting next to an electrical outlet.

Seld-driving car 2

Our wildest dreams finally realized – a self-driving car! We hear it’s more like a self-driving mobile lounge, and you know what that means. Goodness, everyone in Vegas needs one of these.

Know what else we could use about now? A Belty. It’s a smart belt that expands and contracts to fit your waistline. Something tells us it won’t be contracting anytime soon, not after the holiday we had.


New-Samsung-Bendable-TV-Does anyone really need to watch Keeping up with The Kardashians on a 105-inch, $260,000 bendable TV? Samsung seems to think so, and so do we!

MelomindYou may think we wouldn’t have a care in the world working at a tropical resort paradise like Tahiti Village. True, it is a tranquil and relaxing environment filled with lush landscaping and swaying palms, but every now and then we start feeling guilty over our surplus of serenity. It just doesn’t seem fair, and that’s when our stress level begins to rise. It’s for those occasions we would don a Melomind, an EEG stress-reducing headband. Apparently it measures the brain’s electrical activity and connects to an app that plays soothing music at the detection of stress. We’re feeling better already!

Thank you once again for staying at Tahiti Village. Please leave the swag in the super-secret location we’ve divulged in your check-in packet.