Pet friendly destinations in Las Vegas

For many of us, our pets are a part of our family and leaving them behind when on vacation can be difficult.  For visitors planning on coming to Las Vegas with their favorite furry companion, here are a few things to know before your trip – as well as some of the more pet-friendly places that allow your pet to tag along for the adventure.

The Strip is not Pet-Friendly (sort of)

This may come as a surprise, but pets are not allowed on the Strip outside of the hours of 5am – noon.  The ordinance that banned all pets from the famous boulevard aside from the previously mentioned hours was implemented in 2012 in order to prevent animal cruelty and prevent biting incidents in the highly populous area.

Pet Resort

Partnering with Tahiti Village as an option for owners looking to bring their furry loved one to Vegas, A V.I.P. Resort is a fully staffed facility specializing in taking care of vacationing pets.  Less than a mile away from Tahiti Village, A V.I.P. offers pickup and drop-off services, plus allows drop-ins from pet owners any time during business hours for those that miss their best friends.

Dog Parks

Dog Fancier’s Park
When your furry friend is ready to run, take him to Dog Fancier’s Park. This huge park spans 12 acres and has five separate fenced areas. Four of those areas can be reserved, but the last is always open to the public. In case your pet should need some medical attention during your stay in Las Vegas, the Mountain Vista Animal Hospital is just five minutes away on East Flamingo Road.

Barkin’ Basin Park
The Barkin’ Basin Park is 7.75 acres and boasts separate areas for big and small dogs, so your four-footed friend will have plenty of room to run and play in a comfortable setting. Meanwhile, you can chat with other pet owners in the shaded seating area. The park also has water fountains for dogs and people, so everyone can stay happy and hydrated. If your pet is in need of a bath or a trim, there are several pet groomers nearby, including Bow Wow Meow Pet Grooming, which is less than two miles away. While you are in the area, you might also want to stop by the Three Dog Bakery and get your pet pal a delicious, fresh baked treat.

When you are traveling with your pets, you want to be sure to prepare for their needs as well as your own. This list of pet-friendly parks and services should help you plan a Las Vegas vacation that will have the whole family barking for joy.