Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas

Although there are plenty of exciting family-friendly attractions in the city, Las Vegas is also only a short car ride away from some of the most interesting destinations on the entire west coast. While some are further than others, here are a few fun places to consider the next time you and your family visit Vegas.


The legendary Disneyland resort is only about five hours by car from Las Vegas. If you don’t mind the drive, hit the road and head to this iconic theme park for amazing rides, shows, and so much more. Kids and adults of all ages can enjoy exploring the Magic Kingdom and taking a picture with Mickey Mouse. You may also want to pop over to the California Adventures theme park for even more fun.

Grand Canyon


One famous landmark you won’t want to miss while on vacation in Las Vegas is the Grand Canyon. Located about four hours from the city is the Grand Canyon Skywalk, where you can get a breathtaking view of the area that you’ll never forget. You can even ride a donkey, or hike, deep into one of the most unforgettable natural landscapes in the entire world.

Valley of Fire

About 60 miles northeast of Vegas is the Valley of Fire State Park, a great destination for outdoor fun that doesn’t take hours to reach. Open all year, the park boasts ancient petroglyphs dating back 3,000 years and plenty of opportunities for hiking, photography, and wildlife watching.

Lake Mead

Lake_Mead_Nevada1 (1)

Only about 30 minutes away by car from Las Vegas is Lake Mead. It’s a peaceful escape from the Las Vegas Strip, offering year round activities that include fishing, boating, hiking, and much more. You’ll also find scenic picnic areas to enjoy, and if you’re lucky, you may even spot some famous wild bighorn sheep.

Park City

Sometimes the best way to see the landscape is from your car. Park City, Utah is a popular destination located about 6 hours from Las Vegas. The famous city is perfect for those who want to enjoy winter-themed activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Don’t forget to enjoy the magnificent scenery on the car ride over!

Death Valley


Located about three hours’ driving time from Las Vegas is the deceptively-named Death Valley, an area teeming with locals, tourists, and wildlife. Here, you’ll discover Furnace Creek, the perfect spot to stop for a bite to eat before heading on to landmarks like Zabriskie Point and Stovetop Wells. Be careful when traveling during the summer, as temperatures in Death Valley are known to get all the up to 130 degrees!

Enjoy Tahitian-Inspired Vegas Accommodations

Even if you aren’t looking to travel elsewhere during your stay in Las Vegas, you can transport yourself to another location through luxurious and themed accommodations. Resorts, such as the Pacific Island-themed Tahiti Village, will make you feel like you are living the island life.

In addition to the spacious suites and plentiful amenities, Tahiti Village offers a spectacular pool area complete with winding lazy river. Book today and prepare for the Vegas vacation of a lifetime!

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