For those who travel for business, whether it is for a meeting or conference, it is often difficult to leave the family behind. Conference traveling with you family can be a great way to take care of business needs and mix in some fun family time as well. Traveling to Las Vegas for a business meeting or conference provides a great opportunity to include your family on one of these trips. Here are some tips to ensure that your family conference trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Pack Light

Keeping luggage light is one of the easiest ways to reduce travel hassles. Take only what you need, and encourage your family to do the same. To maximize suitcase space, bring travel-size toiletries and roll clothing rather than folding it. If you find that there are things you need after reaching your destination, Las Vegas is filled with places to shop for everything from drugstore items to couture fashions.

Always Stay Flexible

Staying flexible is crucial to achieving both maximum efficiency and enjoyment when conference traveling with your family. Don’t expect the same routine as when you’re traveling alone, especially if you are traveling with children. Also, instead of enforcing your usual itinerary on your family, consider their suggestions when it comes to where to eat and what to do.

Keep Mealtimes in Mind

When visiting Vegas alone, you can dine according to your whims. When visiting with family, it is highly recommended to plan meals ahead of time. Planning ahead not only helps keep the kids happy, but it can also save you money. Search for Las Vegas restaurants with a “kids eat free” promotion to save money and don’t be afraid to change up your usual cuisine choices for more kid-friendly fare. Sure, you might prefer a sophisticated sushi restaurant over a burger joint — but the latter option will likely offer cuisine that’s universally popular with youngsters.

Separate Family Time and Business Time

It is crucial to keep family and work separate. If your clan is on their own while you’re taking care of business, plan activities for them to enjoy ahead of time. Many resort-style hotels have swimming areas ideal for keeping your group entertained while you’re working. For example, Tahiti Village has a tropical-themed pool area featuring a lazy river your family will love. If you can devote an entire day to family sightseeing, do so. Las Vegas is filled with fabulous family-appropriate attractions you don’t want to miss.

Choose the Right Accommodations

Good accommodations make all the difference when conference traveling with family. At Tahiti Village, you’ll enjoy spacious suites, premium quality beds and linens, and a plethora of convenient amenities. Rooms come equipped with ample seating, a microwave, a coffee maker, and much more. Dining options at this resort-style hotel range from casual to upscale while entertainment is only a shuttle ride away.

Book with Tahiti Village for your next family conference to enjoy convenience and comfort in a luxurious yet family-friendly atmosphere!