We take our responsibility for resort safety as seriously as our commitment to great customer service, housekeeping and maintenance. That’s why all our employees participate in an annual fire extinguisher training program. Mandated by OSHA, the program instructs new employees in the proper use of portable fire extinguishers. It also shows them which type of extinguisher is appropriate for the four different classes of fire.

Security officer Catherine Haraburdo, right, douses a flame at our fire extinguisher training class.

“The fire extinguisher training program is a way for our employees to be prepared in the event of a fire and have the confidence to respond accordingly,” said Rich Ingling, corporate director of safety and security.

SimplexGrinnell, a fire prevention company, leads the training, providing tutelage in pin pulling, aiming, squeezing and sweeping. Following 30 minutes in the classroom, employees go outside and practice what they’ve learned on a flame-emitting fire training system. (It resembles a stainless steel grill.)

“If I had to use one phrase to describe their performance, I’d say they knocked it out of the ballpark,” said Jecoa Keller, the lead instructor. “They did a stellar job.”