kid friendly restaurant dining in las vegas

Not a lot of people think of Las Vegas when they think of family vacations, but this town really is a great place for kids.  Between the giant candy stores and the indoor amusement parks, you’ll find plenty of things for them to do.  But what happens when they get hungry?

Fortunately, there are plenty of great places for kids to eat in Las Vegas – and this list includes our favorites.  All of them offer plenty of things that kids will actually eat, lots to see, and are welcoming to families.

The Rainforest Cafe

This restaurant inside of the MGM is beautifully decorated to look like an actual rainforest.  You’ll find dozens of animatronic animals and butterflies that move and make noise while you’re eating.  The restaurant offers an extensive kids menu, and encourages the kids to get up and walk around.  Make sure they see the large tanks that contain tropical fish.

Roxy’s Diner

This restaurant is located in the Stratosphere, and it’s a must-do if your kids love to sing and perform.  This location has been decorated with a 1950s diner theme, but the waitstaff takes breaks periodically to sing and dance.  They encourage kids to sing with them, but if yours don’t want to get up they can just watch the show.


This restaurant is on the “other” side of the fountain show, giving the kids something to watch while waiting for their food.  Be warned, though, late at night this place becomes more of a bar than a family-friendly establishment.  Breakfast and lunch are great times to visit with kids, though.


Located in the Forum shops, this is a must-eat place for anyone with a lot of kids (or just really hungry ones).  The kids’ menu offers several different kinds of pizza.  They’re large enough that two or even three kids can easily make a meal out of one pie.  Parents will love the fabulous Italian dishes.

Carnegie Deli

This is a small place at the Mirage, but the portions are huge.  It’s a great idea for a quick breakfast or a no-fuss dinner when everyone is tired.  Because the portions are so big, you’ll probably want to order one or two sandwiches and share.

Burger Bar

Located in the Mandalay Bay, this is a great place for picky eaters.  Kids and adults alike can choose from several different types of meat and bun options, then build a burger with the toppings and sides that they want.  It’s a good way to make everyone in the family happy.

Battista’s Hole in the Wall

Located behind The Cromwell, this place has an accordion player who can keep the kids entertained while they wait for their food.

17° South Booze & Bites

After a long day soaking in the sun on the lazy river while your kids splash around the pool, why not stay close and stop by 17°South for a replenishing meal?  Boasting a generous menu of traditional favorites, you’re bound to find something for everyone to enjoy.