las vegas strip fireworks

Las Vegas Strip fireworks
In Las Vegas, where spectacular neon is the official indigenous light source, fireworks displays in the service of holiday celebrations are forced to work that much harder. Nowhere is the competition for people’s attention greater, and if the fireworks are not at least the equal of the surrounding stimuli, they can be rendered redundant.

This has not been lost on Las Vegas fireworks providers. Over the years the nocturnal explosions heralding another year or Independence Day have been consistently inspiring. You should expect no less than another spectacle worthy of Las Vegas itself this July 4th, which (in case you’ve lost track or stopped counting) is the 239th since we informed the British their services would no longer be required.

If you’re staying with us at Tahiti Village over the holiday and want to know where to watch the fireworks – we recommend the Skyview Lounge on the 10th floor of Tower 5 for the best view in Las Vegas – click here for a list of July 4th fireworks locations, viewing tips, parties, nightclub events and food and drink specials.

We wish you a happy and safe Independence Day!