LAS VEGAS – New gadgets, from the helpful (robot assistants) to the hopeful (autonomous vehicles) to the hair-raising (a follicle-stimulating helmet), are drawing visitors by the hundreds of thousands to the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which opened here today.

To all you attendees staying with us at Tahiti Village, we welcome you to our South Pacific-themed resort and hope you have a wonderful time during the convention. We are delighted you chose us as your CES headquarters.

If it wouldn’t be too big an imposition, could you please pick us up a few things from this year’s show? We’ve provided brief descriptions and photos so you’ll know what to look for. Thanks!

Vibrating shorts

 These short shorts, sure to change the legless pants industry as we know it, contain two vibrating sensors on the belt, which connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and help you navigate tricky urban environments by buzzing when you need to turn left or right. For those of us who do not know our left from our right, this is helpful technology indeed.

You may not know it to look at them, but these pants vibrate.
You may not know it to look at them, but these pants vibrate.

Levitating speakers

Seeing is believing. This speaker levitates!
Seeing is believing. This speaker levitates!

Ever since we saw The Exorcist we’ve been simultaneously fascinated and horrified by the sight of things normally grounded by gravity floating weightlessly in the air. So when we heard about levitating speakers, we knew we just had to have a look.

Here’s how it works: Powerful electromagnets housed inside an accompanying levitation station keep the speaker suspended in the air until the battery begins to run low, at which point the speaker descends to the levitation station and begins to charge wirelessly all by itself and with no interruption in the music.

What will they think of next? Answer …

Meet your flying photographer
Meet your flying photographer

Selfie drones!

These things are surprisingly affordable, making it even easier to indulge in our narcissism.

Watch your step!
Watch your step!

Virtual reality shoes

“Haptic feedback” and vibrations give you the sense of walking on the virtual surfaces you see in front of you when you don this special footwear. Now we can finally walk across a bed of flaming hot embers, building vital team camaraderie without suffering any of the agony.

"Put the butter down!"
“Put the butter down!”

Talking refrigerator

We need help sticking to our New Year’s resolution to eat healthier. What better than a talking refrigerator to guilt you into grabbing an apple? This gabby food box can also read out recipes, tell you when you’re running low on certain items, and dish out recipe suggestions based on its contents. Mmm, ice cream!

Thank you once again for staying at Tahiti Village. Have a great week!

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