The summer edition of our quarterly newsletter is now available online at the link below.

Tahiti Village Summer 2011 Newsletter

Previously we required you to login to your account to read the newsletters. Now you can bypass that step altogether to view the current edition.

Tahiti Village 2011 Summer Newsletter

Our summer newsletter is packed with informative articles and a list of activities to help you plan your next vacation. The cover story takes you behind the scenes of our weekly Owners’ Night at Tahiti Joe’s. It’s safe to say no other news outlet has ever had this kind of access to this exclusive and secret world.

In the Resort News and Notes section you’ll read about our new handicapped parking spaces, new carpeting in the fitness center and main corridor of Tower Five, and our offering of free owner Wi-Fi.

On Page 2 we turn the spotlight on front office manager Bonnie Murphy and offer a comprehensive look at the new owner’s card program. Page 3 features a definitive account of our hugely popular luau, and the back cover has a handy Las Vegas show guide.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter and its convenient new accessibility.

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