Mermaids, like bumblebees, box turtles and badgers, are summer creatures. They thrive in heat, then hightail it home come fall. So it is with CaySea, the wondrous Tahiti Village mermaid. Our favorite blonde hybrid with the colorful speckled fin will make her final appearance of the season this Saturday, Sept. 29, from 2-3 p.m. in the main pool.

“We’re really sorry to see her go,” said Chris Breed, Tahiti Village general manager, to which David Campbell, our aquatics director, replied: “All mermaids must migrate for the winter.”

Based on her late May arrival this year, Mermaid CaySea is expected back the same time in 2019. Be sure to book a summer visit and experience, as CaySea would say, “a fintastic fun time.”