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Tahiti Village is proud to announce our new affiliation with the world’s largest vacation exchange system, RCI. The Board of Directors has pursued this new affiliation in order to provide our members with more than 4,000 additional exchange resorts worldwide, including Disney, Hilton and Wyndham.

RCI provides innovative ways to utilize your vacation ownership, allowing you to travel when and where you want and enhance your overall experience. If you have a current exchange reservation through Interval International, it will be honored by the exchange resort and Interval International. If you have deposited your week with Interval and would like to exchange it, you will still be able to exchange the week as long as you are a member of Interval at the time of the exchange. You will be receiving more information regarding the new RCI exchange programs in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!


  1. My membership in Interval International doesn’t expire until 9/28/2016. What does this mean for my membership there? Is it now useless? Am I going to have to pay a new membership fee at RCI? I understand RCI is on a points system, which is totally different from Interval. I wish you had given the owners an opportunity to evaluate the differences thoroughly before making this decision for us!

    1. Thank you for writing, seking. We hope the following response will allay any fears you have about your Interval International membership at Tahiti Village in the wake of our new affiliation with RCI. The short answer is, it won’t affect it at all. You will still be able to exchange into Tahiti Village through Interval International for as long as you wish to remain an Interval International member. For more information on becoming an RCI member, please call the Owners Advantage Department at 877-751-3881 to speak with a vacation specialist. We understand your concern about our affiliation with RCI, but there is no reason to worry. We entered into this agreement not to replace Interval International, but to simply give you more exchange options. You can choose to remain exclusively with Interval, join RCI or have membership in both. Once again, thank you for taking the time to post your comments. We appreciate your ownership and hope this response alleviates any remaining concerns.

  2. I want to join in RCI system, do I need to drive to Vegas or we can do over the phone?

    I own 2 Bora Bora units.

    Samir Thapa

    1. No need to drive to Vegas, Samir (unless you want to, of course). Just call the Owners Advantage Department at 877-751-3888 for more information on how to join RCI. Thank you for writing.

  3. thanks for clearing up the rci/interval issue..i bought with crmlv many years ago because i did not like the point system of other resorts…i am happy with interval

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