illy brand coffee comes to The Village Café! Time to drink delicious!

Our new coffee and tea offerings will put an extra bounce in your step!

Our recently renovated and renamed food and beverage counter, rebranded The Village Café from the informally titled Quickie Wiki, is now serving coffee worthy of the attractive new awning and appealing orange tile.

“We still have the same coffee offerings, but we think they are now much more full and flavorful,” said Barbara Mailhiot, Wiki Wiki operations manager. “The difference is, our new illy brand coffee uses an espresso bean instead of the typical coffee bean.”

Illy is an Italian coffee roasting company that specializes in the production of espresso, according to Wikipedia. The coffee is packaged as whole bean, pre-ground coffee and blended from Arabica beans from multiple sources. The grounds are packaged in steel canisters and pressurized with an inert gas rather than air.

Based on that description, it’s easy to see why illy is found in all MGM and Station Casino properties in Las Vegas. It’s just that good.

Iced tea lovers, fear not. We haven’t forgotten you. We are now serving a new brand of green and black teas and working on a cold brew tea as well.

Be sure to stop by on your next visit to Tahiti Village and try our new and improved caffeinated beverages!

Introducing The Village Cafe! Now you can enjoy more delicious beverage options.

Formerly the Grab-N-Go and unofficially the Quickie Wiki, the recently christened Village Cafe has an appealing new look and an updated menu of delicious coffee drinks.

Proof once again that we are always seeking ways to give you the best possible resort experience, we unveil the all-new Village Café.

Behold its eye-catching orange tile!

Marvel at its larger, easier-to-read menu!

Attached to the WikiWiki convenience store in the main lobby of Tahiti Village, in a remodeled space previously occupied by the Grab-N-Go, the Village Café will offer – in addition to the above-mentioned aesthetic enhancements – even more food and drink options to savor.

According to a well-placed source, espresso will join the ranks of scrumptious hot and cold coffee choices – providing the extra jolt you’ll need after an all-nighter on the Strip – and wraps will take their place among the existing delicious sandwich selections.

This same source also hinted at the possibility of a sushi platter, and for this we can only hope!