Summer Luau Returns!

Las Vegas’ Summer Luau Returns to Tahiti Village

Our signature summer event, the weekly Sunday Luau, is back for another scintillating season. Las Vegas’ longest running luau begins Memorial Day Sunday, May 26, and runs all summer long through Labor Day at family friendly Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ favorite tropical resort.

Don’t miss this invigorating treat for the senses. Our Hot Lava singers, dancers and musicians will thrill, delight and whisk you away to a tropical paradise right here in the desert. Their island offerings include a mix of fun Polynesian songs and hula dances with audience participation. Things really heat up when a master fire twirler hits the stage. You’ll be on the edge of your seat!

Join us at Tahiti Village every Sunday all summer long in our beautiful Island Courtyard for wonderful entertainment and a delicious Tahitian buffet. Chef Jason has prepared a rotating menu of island-inspired cuisine that will keep your taste buds guessing.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with dinner beginning at 7 p.m. The show will follow shortly after. Leis provided are provided at the door and look great with tropical shirts.

For current VIP and general admission pricing and to reserve your tickets, please call the concierge at (702) 440-6915 or visit the concierge desk in the Tahiti Village main lobby. Book a summer visit today!

Pack these kid essentials for your summer vacation to Vegas and Tahiti Village


With another school year coming to a blessed conclusion, you’ve probably given at least some thought to where you’re going on summer vacation. What to pack for the kids? Now that’s another story.

Packing for Vegas and family friendly Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ tropical resort retreat, used to be so simple when you were single. Usually a change of clothes would do, and maybe not even that if you weren’t planning to ever leave the craps table.

But those days are over. You’re respectable now, which means you’ve probably become a parent. And a taxi. Life in its present iteration is a series of take-me-tos and pick-me-ups – from dance classes, from soccer games, from youth orchestra rehearsal.

And yet you still make time for Vegas and Tahiti Village, an island-themed property on the south end of the world famous Las Vegas Strip. If this summer marks your first trip with the kids to Sin City, you may be wondering what you should pack. Trust us: you’ll need more than bail money.


How many to bring? This question has bedeviled travelers making their first trip to Las Vegas with children since the early `90s, when it officially became a family destination. Don’t sweat it: We’ve devised a foolproof formula to help you determine how many bags to pack.

First, subtract the number of children you’re bringing from the number of days you’re staying. Do the reverse if the number of children exceeds the number of days.

Next, divide the difference by the number of numbers on a roulette wheel, multiply the result by the number of seats at a blackjack table, then add by the number of times you’ve left Vegas in the red instead of the black.

Now take that number and subtract it by Las Vegas’ daily average July temperature and you’ll have the answer.

Or to put it simply – one suitcase per child.


Yes, bring it. Las Vegas, believe it or not, has the same mandatory clothing expectations as your own hometown. Use the length-of-stay metric as a barometer for determining how much to pack, but be sure to include two extra shirts per child in the event of profuse sweating, sleepwear, an extra pair of shoes per child if you’re planning on walking a lot – not recommended in 100-plus degree temperatures during the day – and of course bathing suits for our beautiful tropical beach pool and lazy river!


Whatever products contribute to your kids’ personal hygiene at home will also suffice in Las Vegas. See? We’re not that different after all.


As any parent can attest, a happy child is a distracted child – and nothing distracts better (which is to say longer) than a gadget. If you’re taking your kids on vacation, the key to your contentment is finding those devices whose unique trance-inducing qualities can significantly reduce the likelihood you’ll hear those two dreaded little words: “I’m bored.” Find the right ones, in fact, and it may just be you telling them to put the darn things down – “or else.” Click here for a comprehensive list.


Think of this as extra clothing. Unlike regular clothing, you’ll want to wear more in summer.

Travel Toys

Click here for a handy guide to age-appropriate transportable toys. You’ll need `em.

Things For Baby

If you’re planning on making your children lifelong Vegas visitors, you have to start them young. We recommend no later than two weeks postpartum just to get their little lungs acclimated to smoky casinos. Here’s what you should bring with you:

Five diapers per day per child
One full package of wipes
A sling
Sippies and microwave sterilizing bags
Baby food
Transportable toddler snacks
Disposable diaper sacks

Now that you know what to pack, just remember to bring your kids. Book your summer visit to Tahiti Village today!

Celebrate National Travel & Tourism Week at family friendly Tahiti Village!


We live in a time when even the unlikeliest of subjects can receive a day commemorating their importance. In May alone we have Scurvy Awareness Day, Hug Your Cat Day* and National Lost Sock Memorial Day in addition to the traditional Cinco de Mayo. Here’s our take on the subject: If a lost sock can bag its own offbeat holiday, why can’t something as important to Americans as travel and tourism have an entire week to itself?

With the advent of National Travel & Tourism Week, now it does!

Spread over seven days in May, we’re celebrating the occasion at Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ family friendly island paradise and home to more than 40,000 satisfied vacation ownership practitioners.

The theme of this year’s National Travel & Tourism Week is Travel Matters, whereby each of the seven days from May 5-11 is assigned a reason why Travel Matters (as determined by those high priests of the local tourism industry, the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority).

If you want to read in-depth analyses on why Travel Matters, please click here. You’ll learn why getting off your sofa and going places is so vital to our economy, jobs, health and families among other important reasons.

Sound good? Book a stay at family friendly Tahiti Village during National Travel & Tourism Week – or whenever you can get away!

*A close relative to National Hairball Awareness Day, which falls on April 29.

Tahiti Village Easter egg hunt promises another mad scramble

Kid visitors to family friendly Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ tropical resort retreat, will scramble for hidden goodies at our annual Easter egg hunt on Sunday, April 21. Young collectors and their parents should meet at 9 a.m. inside the Island Courtyard (behind the lazy river) to receive their egg bags and prepare for the hunt, which will go off at approximately 9:15 a.m. for the first age group (up to five years old), 10 minutes later for the second age group (6-12), and 10 minutes after that for the third age group (13 and over).

Once the first group of intrepid hunters collects the eggs, deftly hidden throughout the lazy river, they will return to the Island Courtyard for games, crafts and live music. There they will be joined by the second and third groups sporting their own candy-filled eggs. Fortune will smile on a few lucky hunters in the form of special Golden Eggs, which will contain a voucher the holder can exchange for a special prize.

Here’s the one time of the year where it’s advisable to put all your eggs in one basket. Here’s wishing you a very happy Easter from all of us at Tahiti Village, your family friendly Las Vegas resort!

Get localized on your next Vegas Vacation to Tahiti Village!

Las Vegas is famous for being famous. Visited by 42 million people a year, it is a magnet for adrenaline fiends drawn to its 24/7 excitement, games of chance, possibilities of unexpected and instantaneous wealth, Cirque du spectaculars, scintillating shopping and five-star restaurants helmed by celebrity chefs.

Mermaid and music mark the unofficial start of summer at Tahiti Village

Mermaid At Tahiti Village Pool Las VegasLast week’s return of CaySea the Mermaid and Acoustics and Ale to the tropical beach pool marked a welcome early start to summer here at family friendly Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’s tropical resort paradise. CaySea will entertain kids of all ages every Saturday from 1-2 p.m. Acoustics and Ale, featuring beer and a revolving cast of acoustic musicians, is every Thursday from 4-7 p.m.

Mermaid CaySea

CaySea, wholesome spawn of an unlikely union, made a big splash with Tahiti Village guests last summer, and we are thrilled to have her back this year. Although her origins were unknown and her motives unclear when she arrived unexpectedly at our pool gate last May, asking to be let in, CaySea’s charm and beauty cast a mesmerizing spell on our pool staff – and they had no choice but to acquiesce.

Once inside, she cut through the water like a born descendent of Poseidon, her speckled tail undulating like a piston, and she made a beeline for a group of children frolicking in the shallows near the sandy beach bottom entry. They immediately clustered around her and were instantly captivated by this most unusual creature. CaySea read them “tales” from her mermaid book and engaged in playful games featuring colorful plastic eggs.

To quote Mermaid CaySea herself, it was a “fin-tastic” fun time for all – and will be again!

Acoustics and Ale

When you think about great things that go great together, listening to music and quaffing a cold one has to be high up on anyone’s list. Add to that pairing a peaceful poolside setting and you get Acoustics and Ale, our weekly music and beer mixer featuring an array of eclectic (though not electric) musicians from Nick Mattera Productions. If you haven’t tried a Sierra Nevada Beer yet, be sure to grab one from the Sandbox Bar. You’ll understand why one of the first craft brewers in the nation is still going stronger than ever as you relax poolside listening to great acoustic sounds.

Make sure you don’t miss CaySea or Acoustics and Ale this summer. Book a visit to Tahiti Village!

Live Entertainment By The Pool tahiti village

Enjoy a discounted Las Vegas visit through Vacation Now!

Lazy River Las Vegas Waterfall Tahiti Village

Vacation Now is here to help you maximize your vacations through an innovative approach where resorts work with us on wholesale pricing so we can offer you deep discounts on their behalf.  In some cases you won’t have to pay anything except a refundable deposit.  We have deals with properties in Maui, Orlando and right here at family friendly Tahiti Village, a relaxing island-themed property in Las Vegas!  One of the most important things in life is making positive memories, and one of the best ways to do that is to take a vacation now.

How Are The Prices So Low?

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So What Are You Waiting For?

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You can enjoy a generously discounted visit when you book a Las Vegas getaway with Vacation Now. We have an innovative approach to vacationing where resorts work with us on wholesale pricing so we can offer you deep discounts on their behalf.  In some cases you won’t have to pay anything except a refundable deposit.  We get discounted rates through direct agreements with our resort destinations, including beautiful Tahiti Village in Las Vegas!

tahiti village pool las vegas nightIf you’ve never been to Tahiti Village, you simply must experience a getaway to Las Vegas’ tropical resort retreat. Featuring a sand-entry beach pool, lazy river, condo-style accommodations, two 24-hour hot tubs, an onsite restaurant and spa, and shuttle service to the Strip, Tahiti Village has everything you need to relax, unwind and get away from it all. In-room amenities in larger one-bedroom and two-bedroom units include a fully stocked kitchen, washer-dryer, jetted tub, steam shower and private balcony for your convenience and enjoyment.

In exchange for taking advantage of our discounted rates, purchasers of Vacation Now packages agree to participate in a resort preview at their destination, where you will see all the amazing amenities and benefits the properties have to offer. As you’ll discover once you’ve taken your preview, Tahiti Village is a wonderful vacation destination.

We think one of the most important things in life is making positive memories, and one of the best ways to do that is to take a Las Vegas vacation now through Vacation Now. So what are you waiting for? Book a visit today!

Plan a summer visit to Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ family friendly resort. We’ve got you covered!

With Las Vegas temperatures on the rise as winter gives way to spring and spring to summer, activity at family friendly Tahiti Village has started to stir in anticipation of the hot months ahead. Pool bars are beginning to reopen; the aquatics staff is reassembling en masse for another sizzling summer season at our tropical beach pool and Las Vegas’ largest lazy river; and everyone is counting the days till Memorial Day weekend, when our annual Summer Sunday Luau returns for another three months of dazzling entertainment and authentic, island-style cuisine.

The luau has been a popular summer event at Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ premier Tahitian-inspired resort, for the last 10 years. A 7 p.m. start time means the temperature is still well over 100 degrees, and the sun is still bearing down on hundreds of uncovered heads. This year, we’re upping the comfort quotient for attendees with the installation of a two-piece tent cover that will stretch the length and width of the Island Courtyard.

The project is slated to begin shortly, and we hope to have it completed in time for the first luau of 2019 in late May. Check back here for updates. You’ll have it made in the shade!

Also in the works but yet to be officially confirmed is a biweekly summer music festival. Tentatively earmarked for Friday or Saturday night inside the Island Courtyard, the festival will feature a different performer or group for your listening pleasure. We’re told the festival is a virtual certainty if the tent project is completed in time.

One event we can confirm is our Food Truck Frenzy on April 20 in and around the Island Courtyard. You’ll enjoy an array of tempting choices from popular local food trucks and a selection of spirits from a variety of liquid joy dispensers.

For a wonderful family friendly experience in Las Vegas, book a summer visit to Tahiti Village!

Explore the natural scenic wonders outside Las Vegas

Many travelers are drawn to the lights and excitement of Las Vegas, but too few are aware of the nearby natural wonders. Rugged mountains, canyons and deep desert valleys offer stunning scenery and myriad outdoor recreational opportunities. Below is a list of some of the most popular destinations in the immediate Las Vegas vicinity. Some are farther afield than others, but all are worth a visit on your family friendly Tahiti Village vacation if you have the time, a vehicle and the inclination. Book your stay today!

Mount Charleston (elevation 11,918 feet) is 35 miles from Las Vegas. At an average of 20 degrees cooler than Las Vegas, Mount Charleston is perfect for skiing, picnicking, hiking and horseback riding. In addition to year-round hotel accommodations and tours, full-service camping is also available from May through September. This is not your typical Las Vegas experience.

Grand Canyon in Arizona is approximately 300 miles from Las Vegas. Over millions of years the Colorado River has etched out this canyon that is one mile deep and 277 miles long. Sightseeing air tours can be booked almost every day of the year. You can also opt for a bus tour that takes you past Hoover Dam or simply drive there yourself.

Red Rock Canyon is just 15 miles west of Las Vegas. It is a scenic area of sandstone rock formations and desert with a 3,000-foot escarpment produced by a thrust fault. Red Rock Canyon has a 13-mile scenic loop and a variety of plant and animal life. If you like rock climbing and mountain biking you are sure to get your fill here.


Valley of Fire State Park is only 55 miles northwest of Las Vegas and comprises scenic landscapes, hidden canyons and unique red rock formations. Remains of ancient Native American civilizations can be viewed here, and a visitor center provides tourist information. The park is open to the public year-round.


Bryce Canyon is located 210 miles northeast of Las Vegas in southwestern Utah. The national park is home to some unique rock formations with imaginative names like Pink Cliffs, Silent City and Cathedral. You can watch the sun move across the formations and capture a natural light display that will stick with you forever.


Mojave National Preserve is only 60 miles southwest of Las Vegas. This 1.6-million-acre preserve, which protects one of the most diverse environments in the world, abounds with sand dunes, volcanic cinder cones, Joshua tree forests and mile-high mountains. Two visitor centers introduce you to the desert environment.

Zion National Park, 158 miles north of Las Vegas across the Utah border, is famous for its colorful sandstone canyons, hot rocky deserts and cool forested plateaus. Zion is the largest and most visited canyon in the park, and the views are amazing. Here, the Virgin River has carved a spectacular forge into the red and white sandstone. The 2,000- to 3,000-foot canyon walls loom high above the river and the tree- and grass-covered canyon floor.


Boulder City is just 30 miles east of the Las Vegas Strip on the way to Lake Mead. Built in the 1930s for the families of Hoover Dam construction workers, it is the only Nevada city that does not allow public gaming. Boulder City’s historic Old Town district is home to many quaint shops, several of which feature works by Native American jewelers.

Rhyolite is a well-preserved ghost town 120 miles north of Las Vegas near the small community of Beatty, Nev., which bills itself as the “Gateway to Death Valley.” Highlights of the area include ruins of the Potter General Store, Newton’s Grille, a school, several major banks, a house made entirely out of bottles and a railroad depot.

Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel just 35 miles southeast of Las Vegas. Formerly named Boulder Dam, this historic man-made creation tamed the mighty Colorado River and created North America’s largest manmade lake, Lake Mead. Take the tour down into the depths of this concrete structure and imagine what went into the construction. It is mammoth, and there is very little chance that you will not be impressed.


Lake Mead National Recreational Area is just 25 miles from Las Vegas at its closest point. With more than 550 miles of shoreline, Lake Mead Recreational Area offers outdoor enthusiasts year-round opportunities for swimming, water skiing, camping, boating, fishing, tours and cruises. A popular activity is renting a houseboat and floating around for a few days.

Tahiti Village earns RCI Gold Crown Resort® designation

Family friendly Tahiti Village, Las Vegas’ tropical resort retreat, is delighted to announce our designation as an RCI Gold Crown Resort for 2019. Only a select number of RCI-affiliated resorts meet RCI’s requirements for recognition and have earned the RCI Gold Crown Resort award. These resorts have attained high levels of excellence in resort accommodations, hospitality and member experience ratings as measured by RCI over the previous 12-month period.

“Setting a standard worthy of an RCI Gold Crown Resort property designation is something we put into practice daily in every area of our organization,” said Chris Breed, Soleil Management Vice President of Nevada operations. “That we’ve been recognized by RCI exchange members for providing excellent accommodations and customer service is a great honor. Continuing to maintain that standard is a great challenge and one we happily accept.”

RCI’s Resort Recognition Program helps ensure that  RCI-affiliated resorts adhere to RCI’s standards for quality in accommodations, hospitality and member experience.

Achieving RCI Gold Crown Resort status is dependent almost exclusively on RCI member feedback through post-departure surveys. RCI visitors are asked to rate their experience on a 1 to 5 scale in the following areas:

Resort hospitality
Resort maintenance
Unit housekeeping
Unit maintenance

The fact we’ve been able to consistently earn high marks is testament to our team’s pride and work ethic, and we sincerely thank them for their efforts in helping us achieve this honor.

About RCI

RCI is the worldwide leader in vacation exchange with more than 4,000 affiliated resorts in approximately 100 countries. RCI pioneered the concept of vacation exchange in 1974, offering members increased flexibility and versatility with their vacation ownership experience. Today, through RCI® Weeks, the traditional week-for-week exchange system, and RCI Points®, the industry’s first global points-based exchange system, RCI provides flexible vacation options to its approximately 3.7 million RCI subscribing members each year.