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How Does A Self-Guided Food Tour Sound?

How Does A Self-Guided Food Tour Sound?

(Image Source: Finger Licking Foodie Tours)

You’re in luck if the very idea of a food tour made your mouth water! This month, Finger Licking Foodie Tours hosts a self-guided food tour that allows customers to eat three signature dishes from 3 chef-led restaurants. Each tour consists of approximately two and a half hours, which is more than enough time to eat, enjoy the company of others and carry on with your night.

Throughout the tour, guests are given detailed itineraries regarding the origin of meals, ingredients, and participating establishments and their locations. The tours being conducted now are currently hosted within the historic Downtown district.

To find out more information and schedule a tour, visit: Finger Licking Foodie Tours

Note: Families are welcome to attend with children that are ten or older. Also, cocktail packages are available as well.

Bubble Waffle Sundae

I Scream For Ice Cream

I Scream For Ice Cream

According to the National Day Calendar, Today, Wednesday, November 11, 2020, is National Ice Cream Sundae Day, and we can’t be more thrilled! The typical ice cream sundae consists of whipped cream, sprinkles, maraschino cherry, sprinkles, or pineapple. We’ve done a bit of digging and found some alternative flavor combinations that might be even more appealing to try out. Why stick to the traditional flavors when you can add your own spin?

Below you’ll find a few of our favorite picks:

Bubble Waffle SundaeBubble Waffle Sundae

(Image Source: Cookies & Cups)

Instead of just having your sundae in a bowl, why not have it in a waffle? Below, you’ll find unique ways that Cookies and Cups combined custard and egg waffles to create their unique spin on the classic ice cream sundae. (Cookies & Cups Recipe: Bubble Waffle Sundae)

Ice Cream Sundae BarkIce Cream Sundae Bark

(Image Source: The Recipe Rival)

The family will love this delectable treat! The Recipe Rival created this spin on classic favorites with a few tasty additions that are sure to excite everyone’s sweet-tooths. According to The Recipe Rival, it’s supposed to look messy but keeps the house tidy! It’s a smorgasbord of flavors, including brownies, almond bark, M&Ms, Sprinkles, and more! (The Recipe Rival’s Recipe: Ice Cream Sundae Bark)

Whipped Coffee Ice Cream Sundae

Whipped Coffee Sundae

(Image Source: The Recipe Revival)

Make a sundae but add a little caffeine, please! This recipe by 40 Aprons is what all of us coffee lovers would be delighted to have. It’s a combination of hot chocolate, affogato soft vanilla ice cream or gelato, whipped cream, and espresso. Our mouths are watering just talking about it.


Let us know if you try any of the recipes we’ve found. We are eager to know what your favorites are! If perhaps, you don’t want to create your own rendition of a sundae or if you’d like to have a single flavor in mind, feel free to visit our on-property store Wiki Wiki. Use #NationalSundaeDay and post your creations!

Glittering Lights

‘Tis…the Season to Be Thankful!

‘Tis… the Season to Be Thankful!

Glittering Lights

(Image Source: http://www.glitteringlightslasvegas.com/)

We are thankful for so much this year during these trying times, including our amazing guests and employees! We are excited to remind everyone about the Glittering Lights show opening on Saturday, November 14, 2020. Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be hosting its annual Glittering Lights holiday drive-thru show with millions of twinkling lights along a 2.5-mile course. It’s a holiday experience that everyone in the family can enjoy and do so safely within their own vehicles. There are 4 distinct ticket purchasing options, including Season Pass, Fast Pass, AnyDay Tickets, and Weekday Value Tickets.

We hope that you participate in this fantastic event and join in with the holiday cheer; we know this year has looked starkly different from those of the past, but we are confident that things will vastly improve over time. We encourage everyone to stay safe and grab a cup of your favorite holiday beverages while enjoying the festive lights and holiday music at the Glittering Lights show.

To find out more information regarding show schedules and tickets, please visit: http://www.glitteringlightslasvegas.com/tickets/

Santa Tram at Glittering Lights

(Image Source: http://www.glitteringlightslasvegas.com/)