We won an ARDY! Let’s Party!

Our colorful award-winning lobby is a great place to relax.
Our colorful award-winning lobby is a great place to relax.

It is with great pride that we announce our victory in Category 76 of the Resort Design Division, Common Area Refurbishment, at the ARDA Awards Gala March 29. The gala, a component of the annual ARDA World Global Timeshare Event, this year held March 26-30 in New Orleans, honors high achievement in four areas:

Award-winning designer Ron Nicola.
Award-winning designer Ron Nicola.

Advertising, Promotion and Communications
Management & Administration
Resort Design
Sales & Marketing

To the winners go the ARDY, the vacation ownership industry equivalent of the Oscar and the Emmy. For us at Tahiti Village, the honor affirms what others – namely our owners and visitors – have been saying about our $200,000 main lobby renovation.

They like it!

The award is testament to the keen eye and unerring sensibilities of interior designer Ron Nicola, who gave our lobby a bright, fresh look. It now features updated tables and chairs, colorful couches, decorative space dividers, recovered pillars, and eye-catching wall art. The previous island motif of dominant browns and greens has been replaced with vibrant colors and modern furniture that invite you to sit down and stay awhile. Check it out while you’re checking in!

You'll love the look of our updated check-in area.
You’ll love the look of our updated check-in area.

Timeshare Vs. Peer-To-Peer Rentals: What’s the Verdict?

A recent popular trend has become share or peer-to-peer vacations – like Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway – where vacationers rent rooms or houses directly from homeowners. For most families a vacation is a once-a-year event, where everything needs to go right to fully enjoy the relaxation a vacation provides. Yet, people are still going on vacations that don’t fully meet their needs, even through these peer-to-peer services.

While this type of vacation can work for some people, a recent survey of over 1,000 vacationers conducted for the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) by research group Leger revealed many drawbacks. Respondents said they least liked the fact that there was no housekeeping (47%), no concierge/front desk (23%), and that it was not a part of a resort (17%).

Now while this survey showed the things vacationers who use peer-to-peer services did not like, it also showed some of the things that they found very beneficial to their vacation enjoyment. Two of the main things respondents cited were the fact that their rented unit had a kitchen and that there were multiple rooms.

So, what offers these in-demand amenities without the downside of the drawbacks found in peer-to-peer rentals? Timeshare resorts like Tahiti Village!

According to a recent article in Hotel Management Magazine, “A quick glance at the media hype surrounding Airbnb, HomeAway and other sharing economy hotel alternatives would lead many to believe that these companies are the founders of a new concept that is revolutionizing the industry. But, in fact, another facet of the hotel industry¬—timeshare—considers itself the ‘original’ sharing economy, and has the facts to make a compelling case.”

Timeshare accommodations offer a large living space that includes a kitchen for when you want to cook your own meals as well as multiple rooms that give you both space to be together as a family or privacy to be alone. And, most timeshares also offer housekeeping, a concierge/front desk and a resort style property. Ultimately, timeshares offer the size and space that peer-to-peer services offer while also providing the key amenities that have almost become expected during a vacation. The last thing you should be thinking on vacation is vacuuming!

Article courtesy of our friends at Vacation Better.