Wiki Wiki

The rough English translation of the Hawaiian phrase WikiWiki is “fast” or “quickly.” How fitting then that the move of our onsite convenience store of the same name is taking only four days, beginning today through Thursday. When it reopens this Friday in a new location in the main lobby, the completely remodeled WikiWiki will be absolutely (as the sign says)  …

An expanded selection of grocery items is just one of the changes you can expect. WikiWiki will also feature a new Starbucks coffee bar, freshly baked pastries, grab-and-go sandwich options and frozen desserts. The WikiWiki remodeling and relocation is part of our main lobby expansion, which includes an exciting new restaurant and bar concept scheduled to open at the end of May.

“We are excited about the opening of the all-new WikiWiki and invite all of you to visit us in the new location,” said Barbara Mailhiot, WikiWiki manager. “Thank you for your patience and cooperation during our construction time.”