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Fall 2011 Newsletter

We are happy to announce the fall edition of our quarterly newsletter is now available online. Just click the link below for coverage on the latest happenings at Tahiti Village, including an in-depth cover story on our new developer, Somerpointe Resorts, and recent affiliation with RCI, the world’s largest exchange company.

The newsletter also contains a wrap-up of our summer luau season, an Owners Night feature, a spectacular pictorial of a Sweet Sixteen event held right here at Tahiti Village, and a copy (nearly life-size!) of your new accounting statement. This may be our most informative and entertaining edition yet!

You will also notice the Tahiti Village Vacationer has been completely redesigned and gone from four to six pages. We think the new streamlined look will make the content easier to read. The additional pages mean you’ll have even more quality content to look forward to every quarter. We hope you enjoy the latest edition and its great new look.

Tahiti Village Fall 2011 Newsletter

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  • Calvin Meckle

    Please put us on you newsletter email list or add us to the mailing list. We are owners & did not know you had a newsletter. Also would you provide us with more info on RCI vs Interval International? Do we need to now subscribe to both to trade our time share?

  • Tammy Scorcia

    Already had free wifi and tube rentals as an owner. Did that policy change?

  • john gonzales

    Will Tahiti Village be having an Annual New Years party event this year to bring in 2012? I attended one a few years ago there and had a great time. Please let me know. Thanks. John Gonzales. Owner

  • Joel F Dyess


  • Domenic DiBlasio

    The fall newsletter looks great but I was wondering why I can only print it out on my computer and not my wife’s. Also, is there a way to download the newsletter in PDF?

    Domenic DiBlasio

  • Tahiti Village

    Most feedback has indicated that the newsletter is printing fine. We have, however, received a few comments from people with printing challenges. The ability to print the newsletter varies based on your type of web browser and how your printer is set up. While it is difficult for us to determine specific issues on the many browser/printer combinations, that’s probably why you’re experiencing difficulty printing it out on one computer and not the other.

    Yes, you can download the newsletter in PDF. You can do so by clicking the download icon (a downward-pointing arrow) in the black menu bar at the bottom left of the flipbook. It may be easier for you to download the PDF and then use Adobe Acrobat* to print it. If you are having difficulty reading the newsletter text in the browser, you can click the zoom icon in the menu bar. You may also view some of the other options possible in the flip book by clicking on the FAQ link at the bottom of the blog post. Thank you for posting your comments, and we hope you enjoy our redesigned newsletter.

    Tahiti Village

    * If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat, go to get.adobe.com/reader.

  • Tahiti Village

    Thank you for writing, Joel. Our new affiliation with A-V.I.P. Pet Resort (see the article on Page 5 of our fall 2011 newsletter) means you can now take your favorite furry friend with you on vacation. Please click http://tahitivillageftp.aspdevhub.com/Tahiti-Village-pets.aspx for more information.

  • Barbara & David venner

    we are so happy about the new pet-friendly accommodations nearby! thank you, thank you!!
    Also the Newsletter on line is great..we only print what we are interested in and save money and paper for all of us.

  • Steve Schmidt

    You left out the most important aspect of the animal boarding facility- the cost. Are you able to secure a discount with the anticipated increase in volume? Or is the rate a relevtion of their regular price? This is not a benefit if the rate is higher than what we experience at home.

  • Tahiti Village

    Thank you for writing, Steve. One of the benefits of our affiliation with A-V.I.P. Pet Resort is the 20 percent discount afforded to Tahiti Village owners (and 10 percent discount to non-owners). We did not include the costs because they are maintained by our partner and subject to change. Please visit http://a-vippetresort.com/ and click on Run Info to find the current rates. While we can’t speak to the rates in your hometown, we can say A-V.I.P. Pet Resort was already one of the most competitively priced facilities in Las Vegas. When you consider the generous added discount, we are confident you will receive great added value given the amenities and short distance (about a mile) to the resort. Once again, thank you for sharing your comments.

  • Tahiti Village

    Hello, Barbara and David. Thank you for your comments. We think the pet resort is a great new benefit for our owners and guests, and we’re glad you like the online edition of our newsletter. Isn’t the flipbook a blast?

  • Tahiti Village

    Hello, Calvin, and thank you for writing. You are now subscribed to our quarterly newsletter, the Tahiti Village Vacationer, and will also receive notification on the latest blog updates. Regarding RCI and Interval International, you can exchange Tahiti Village through either company and belong to one or both. For more information on RCI, please contact the Owners Advantage Department at 877-751-3888. We appreciate your ownership and feedback.

  • Nancy Young

    Please include me on your email newsletter list.

  • Tahiti Village

    You are now subscribed to our quarterly newsletter, Nancy. We hope you enjoy the fall 2011 edition, which has expanded from four to six pages and is completely redesigned. Thank you for writing.

  • Bradley Votaw

    I would like to recieve the newsletter myself, if you dont mind

  • Tahiti Village

    We don’t mind at all, Bradley. Consider yourself subscribed!

  • Kareen

    Book marked, I enjoy your site! 🙂

  • Tahiti Village

    We’re glad you enjoy it, Kareen, and hope it continues to put a smile on your face.

  • Tahiti Village

    Hello, Tammy. The new resort fee applies only to retail guests. As an owner you still enjoy free wireless and Lazy River tube rentals. Thank you for writing.

  • Tahiti Village

    Thank you for asking, John. Yes, we will be throwing a New Year’s Eve party. It will be on the 10th floor Owners Lounge from 10:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 31. We will have an open bar, a champagne toast at midnight, a DJ and dancing, appetizers, party hats and favors, and a complimentary New Year’s Eve photo souvenir. Tickets are $115 per person plus tax and will be available at the front desk or concierge. Be sure to look for an upcoming blog post for more details.

  • Jodi

    When will the Winter newsletter be coming out.

  • Tahiti Village

    Soon, Jodi, and we think it will be the best one ever. The Winter 2012 edition of the Tahiti Village Vacationer is packed with news and information on your favorite ownership resort. Look for it any day now on this site. Thank you for writing.

  • kent

    would like to get your newsletter

  • Tahiti Village

    Good news, Kent. You’ve been automatically subscribed! We hope you like reading it as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

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