Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas
Ice water on a very hot day.

The recent high pressure system that sent daytime temperatures in Las Vegas soaring to a record 117 degrees turned the refreshing Tahiti Village beach pool into a hot tub. Water temperatures reached 97 degrees, up from the normal 82 degrees, and left us scrambling for a way to beat the heat. Our solution? Ice water! In an attempt to reduce the tepid temperature, we dumped blocks of ice into the water and essentially turned the pool into the world’s largest Big Gulp. Swimmers gravitated to the ice like great white sharks to delicious baby seals, grabbing the cold floating treasures to rub on themselves while enjoying the cooling effects of the slowly melting blocks. We commend assistant general manager Mike Mayhew, pool and activities manager Britny Flores and the entire pool staff for their quick implementation of a great idea.