Well it turns out gluttony, second of the Seven Deadly Sins and the leading cause of Tight Pants Syndrome, can also induce Yecch! Face, a condition common to culinary consumption contests but especially – and to a horrifying degree – those in which pumpkin pies are the main course.

Witnesses to the two pumpkin pie eating contests at Saturday’s Oktoberfeast, our celebration of the Halloween season, were overcome by the same strange impulse that instructs people driving by an accident scene to slow down and look. In this case it was the revolting faces of ravenous pie eaters.

We congratulate adult winner Jermaine Seiuli and child champ Noah Gonzalez, both of Las Vegas, on their hard-to-stomach victories and thank all the competitors for participating.

If you weren’t here to see it, don’t beat yourself up. We have photos! Look for complete Oktoberfeast coverage in the next addition of the Tahiti Village Vacationer. Coming soon!