shutterstock_354454634You have made the wise choice to watch the Big Game this Sunday during your stay at Tahiti Village – so let’s talk about how to best prepare for this classic gridiron match-up.

Luxury suite at Tahiti Village – check. Full kitchen in the suite – check. Crystal clear, flat-screen TV in the room with cozy couch aimed right at the action – check. And the countdown to game time is just hours away. What should you do at this point to prepare for the Big Game in style, all while realizing that you’re still trying to relax at this island-themed getaway in the heart of Las Vegas?

Turns out, it won’t take too much effort to pull off the ultimate football-themed event, with plenty of time left over before kickoff. Here are some quick and easy food ideas to help you prep for the game without a lot of fuss:

  1. Pepperoni Cheesy Bread: This incredibly simply recipe is easy to prep and cooks in the oven in just 20 minutes. Don’t worry about overloaded pizza delivery guys this coming Sunday. Cook your own fresh and savory cheesy bread right in your suite.
  1. Buffalo/BBQ Chicken Tenders: Cook quality store bought chicken tenders in the oven, toss with your favorite hot sauce or BBQ sauce, put out a bowl of chilled ranch or blue cheese dressing, and watch as your companions dive right in during the game.
  1. Everything Bagel Dogs: Bagels + hot dogs + cream cheese creates a match made in sports food heaven. Trust us, this recipe is so simple you’ll wonder why you never made it at home before. And, it is a wildly popular game day treat for kids and adults, alike. See for yourself how easy it is to make these pigs in a blanket-like snacks!
  1. Loaded BBQ Fries: Imagine French fries smothered in tomatoes, onion, BBQ sauce, pulled pork, cheese, and more. It’s incredibly easy to make, too, so you won’t miss any of the pre-game action while preparing this dish. Grab all the ingredients at the store, combine, and bake. Once done it will smell heavenly and you may have to make a second batch to keep hungry game fans happy.
  1. Chicken and Waffle Sliders: We suggest keeping things simple and buying the mini waffles from the store, cooking a bag of chicken tenders, drizzling on a little syrup, and calling it good to go. Keep it simple so you’re not spending all day in the kitchen!
  1. French Dip Sliders: Meat, bread, dipping sauce. Need we say more? Ensure you create the ultimate French Dip sliders for your Big Game table spread.

Get ready for football this weekend by hosting your own in-suite party. Regardless of who you and your guests are cheering for, it’s never a bad game when the food is tasty and it keeps on coming. For more information about the standard kitchens in the Tahiti Village suites or our grocery delivery service, contact us today at 702-623-2964.