ces 2015 las vegas

As the world prepares for the final countdown to #CES2015, are you ready? Do you have your hotel reservations? Have you taken a sneak peak at a map of the tradeshow floor?

With more than 3,500 exhibitors spanning two million net sq. ft and more than 160,000 attendees descending on Las Vegas for “The Big Show,” a gameplan for the event is a must.

Know What To Look For
It is expected that the most innovative technologies to date will debut at the International CES this year. Look for a focus on personalized technologies that empower users to make the most of technology in their lives, such as the TZOA Kickstarter that let’s you track environmental conditions around you.

Televisions and phones are expected to also dominate the tradeshow floor. Expect phone giants Apple and Samsung, as well as other companies such as Alcatel and Microsoft, to showcase new technologies. The auto industry is also expected to extend its visibility on the show floor with technologies that further redefine the automobile as a mobile device.

Plan Your Week
Here are a few key steps to plan for #CES2015 before you arrive:

1. Know your must-see products.
Check out a preview of what you’ll find on the show floor and learn more about joining an official tour of the floor.

2. Create your networking plan.
Use the CES event calendar to build your schedule and block time for connecting with colleagues.

3. Save time to learn from the experts.
Keynote addresses from the likes of thought leaders at Samsung, Mercedes-Benz and Google will take place in each of the three CES conference locations. Check out the conference program, search for speakers and see conference tracks.

4. Have a plan of attack for post-CES.
The key to #CES2015 is leveraging what you see and learn. Follow CES News to track what’s being discussed throughout the event and to help you think through your next moves.

If you happen to be planning a trip to Vegas January 6–9, chances are good that you will get your own sneak peak at wearables and other cutting edge consumer electronic technology debuting this year at CES – about as likely as you are to wait in longer than usual lines for coffee or a table for dinner. Be patient – and remember, this is the one week when what happens in Vegas will not likely stay in Vegas.