From when to book to where to reserve event space, consider these suggestions when planning a Vegas wedding.


Las Vegas weddings can take many forms. You can book your big day at the Elvis Chapel, a place that will marry you for just $77 (cash, by the way) and no appointment is necessary. Or, you can elect for a more extravagant wedding package from the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, a $100,000 package that includes Harry Winston diamonds and a reception for up to 200 of your closest guests. But if you are like the majority of engaged couples today, you’re probably aiming somewhere in between. Let’s take a look at the most important factors to consider when planning your unforgettable Vegas ceremony!


Best Time of Year

Vegas is always busy, so don’t get too hung up on the specific days of the week or trying to avoid major holidays – this city is always on the go, always has a crowd of tourists, and usually there is an event being hosted. Winter can be a wonderful time in Vegas for wedding events with less of a crowd, and more of an opportunity to maximize on Sin City activities. The city finds relief from its triple-digit, summer temperatures and cools off significantly without being as cold as winter in other areas of the country. With Vegas being a popular destination for weddings, book your preferred venue at least 6-12 months in advance. This city has become more popular as a destination locale, meaning that the perfect venue that you’ve been considering will most likely book up fast! On the other hand, if you are leaning towards the more stereotypical “Vegas” wedding, then one of the many chapels can be ready within the hour.


Where to Get Married in Las Vegas

Once you have an estimate of attending wedding guests, decide on a venue that can comfortably and affordably accommodate the group. If you are looking for a venue that not only offers tremendous wedding and event spaces, but also affordable rooms for guests of all ages, consider a vacation resort like Tahiti Village. Your wedding is the first step to portray your style as a couple for the rest of your lives, so why not customize it to your liking? Let Tahiti Village take care of all your needs from the ceremony to the reception. Your guests will continue to enjoy the party long after the bridal bouquet has been tossed in the air. This Resort is the ideal place to relax and celebrate away from the chaos that cab cine from being on the Strip.


Wedding Theme Ideas

Las Vegas weddings don’t have to be “Vegas-themed,” so decide on the type of wedding you want to have and you’ll likely find the ideal venue near the city. Looking for a light-hearted or unusual wedding experience? You can get married at the Neon Museum, the Nelson Ghost Town in Eldorado Canyon, or even have a “marriage in motion” aboard a party bus cruising the Strip. Keep in mind that venues on Las Vegas Blvd. tend to book up quickly and may be significantly more expensive than those just a mile or less from the center of town. Another direction you can go for your ceremony is to embrace the fact that you’re in Vegas! If you have a particular idea in your head, most likely someone in this city has already done it. Elvis wedding, check. Rock n’ Roll wedding, check. High Roller wedding, check. Drive Thru wedding, seems odd, but check! Las Vegas alone represents the ultimate venue for a custom wedding ceremony, and a great destination to make memories that will last a lifetime.


There are several ways to make your Las Vegas ceremony memorable, fun, and affordable. For more information about event space that can be customized to your unique needs, contact the event planning team at Tahiti Village today!