coconut cups
You no longer need a resort ID card to charge one of these desirable real hand-carved monkey coconut cups from the WikiWiki to your room bill.

It used to be you needed a resort ID card to charge items to your room bill. This typically was only an issue if you weren’t in possession of the required plastic and wanted to charge, say, a drink from the pool bar or a tandem massage from Mahana Spa to your guest folio.

Good news: The days of dashing back to the concierge to get your photo taken and resort card issued just to defer the cost of an item or service are over.

Now, thanks to our new Micros interface system, you need simply show your valid license or personal identification to charge anything from any of our resort outlets to your room with authorization.

These outlets include 17° South Booze & Bites, the WikiWiki, the Grab-N-Go, the pool bars and Mahana Spa. It’s just another way we’re making your vacation experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.