Girls enjoying their drinks together near the pool.

Las Vegas may be located in landlocked Nevada, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a beach – Las Vegas beach resorts, that is! While there’s not technically an ocean in the middle of our desert city, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the benefits of one. At Tahiti Village Resort & Spa, we channel our inner islanders to bring you a beach vacation, right here in Las Vegas.

Visit an Island Paradise

Couple enjoying the Tahiti Village Resort lazy river and pool.

Our island-inspired oasis is just 10 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, but feels worlds away. Locals love Vegas for its year-round sunshine, so heading to the “beach” is the perfect escape. Our amenities will help you stay cool, relaxed, and pampered along with activities for the whole family to enjoy! Our Tahitian-themed pool area is unlike any other and offers a piece of paradise for everyone.

So what makes Tahiti’s pool so different? First off, in addition to our highly-acclaimed pool, we also have an amazing lazy river where guests can float around in relaxation. Our over 1-acre pool area is complemented by a sandy beach and alluring waterfalls, which will transport you right to the islands of Tahiti (without even leaving the hotel!). We have pool activities year round, including luaus, pool volleyball, concerts, and more. Whether you want to kick back and float down the lazy river or get your water sport on, there’s fun here for everyone.

An Inclusive Resort

Interior view of the Tahiti Village Resort.

If you’re channeling your inner beach bum and don’t want to venture far from the hotel, Tahiti Village Resort & Spa has everything you need. Overlooking the pool is 17° South Booze & Bites, the perfect place to grab a quick bite during your day at the pool (or treat yourself to a full entree with family and friends!). We have everything from house made nachos and perfectly cooked chicken wings to slow cooked ribs and Atlantic salmon.

In addition to food, we also have our luxurious Mahana Spa, a first-class fitness center, convenient resort services, and much more for guests to enjoy!

Plan Your Las Vegas Beach Vacation

Dayclub party at Tao Beach in Las Vegas.attribute:

It’s ironic that while Las Vegas isn’t known for beaches, you can plan the perfect resort getaway at one of the city’s many pools and beach clubs! In addition to Tahiti Village, here are a few of the coolest picks to escape the heat:

-Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club – Not only does Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas have an amazing pool, but they are also home to Rehab, one of the city’s best pool party venues. Guests can experience the whole beach vibe with real sand and beach-like designs! And, take the party up a notch by renting a private cabana for you and your squad.

-Mandalay Bay Beach – Mandalay Bay Beach is over 11 acres and has a wave machine in their pool to stimulate the crashing waves of the ocean. There are over 100 cabanas, day beds, and beach bungalows available for reservation. Plus, get your game on at the beach casino!

-TAO Beach – Like Tahiti Village, this pseudo-beach is inspired by tropical paradise, but TAO channels Bali and its beautiful beaches! The lush landscape and live DJs create the perfect atmosphere for a beach party this side of the Pacific.

So you’ve got the venue and the accommodations, what else should you plan for? When heading to Vegas in the spring and summer months for your beach getaway, take the following into consideration:

Woman relaxing and enjoying the pool.

1.Vegas gets hot in the summer, so make sure to stay hydrated (especially if you’re drinking!). To avoid dehydration, drink at least one glass of water for every alcoholic drink.

2.Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! The Vegas sun is powerful and there’s no party pooper quite like a bad sunburn. Remember to reapply every 2 hours, or even more often if you’re in the water. You should also consider bringing a waterproof sunscreen for an extra step of protection.

3.If you’re planning on booking a private beach cabana, you’ll have your shade taken care of, but otherwise pack something that can protect you from the sun after a long day out. This could be a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, or even an umbrella. At the major pool parties, shade is limited. But at Tahiti Village, you have a better chance of snagging a shaded poolside spot!

Las Vegas is so beautiful in the summer, and it’s even more refreshing if you plan a beach getaway in this desert city. Whether you’re visiting for the weekend or live here full time, a little sunshine and tropical vibes never hurt anyone!