Lazy River

This has been the busiest summer we’ve ever experienced at Tahiti Village. With increased visitor volume we have seen more tubes floating on the Lazy River, more kids enjoying themselves in the pool and, unfortunately, more cigarette and other types of smoke and vapor in close proximity to children and families. Subsequently, we have also had a significant jump in requests to create a more balanced breathing environment inside our aquatic features.

As a resort that attracts a wide variety of visitors, from singles to couples but especially families, we have been obliged over the years to balance the needs and wants of a diverse group of people to make everyone’s vacation experience as equitable and enjoyable as possible. We have been careful to consider the wishes of one group with those of another. In the case of our public pool smoking policy, however, we have had challenges in forging a compatible arrangement between smokers and nonsmokers.

Therefore, in response to numerous requests and concerns, we have changed our policy that previously permitted smoking inside our aquatic attractions. The new rule takes effect immediately and prohibits the use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes and any type of e-cigarette (including vapor) inside the pool area, Lazy River and both hot tubs. Smoking will be permitted in two specially designated areas near the pool areas. One is just outside the northeast pool gate next to Tower 1, the other conveniently located in front of the tube storage area next to the bathrooms in the modular structure across from the Lazy River. We apologize to anyone who is inconvenienced by the new rule and thank you for your cooperation.