On Aug. 29, 2015, “Erin A.” from San Diego submitted a review of her Tahiti Village visit to Yelp. Her comments were happily, though not completely, complimentary.

“Don’t count on using the safe unless you only need it for your wallet,” she wrote. “We wanted to put our laptop in it but that was out of the question.”

Recently we were reminded of Erin’s appraisal when we took shipment of new guest room safes – 38,000 pounds worth, according to facilities director Patrick St. Pierre.

Earmarked for a May installation over three weeks, the new safes are everything the present ones aren’t. Unlike our 10×10 lock boxes, they are digital and permit users to enter their own access code. As an added security precaution, once they’re opened the safes erase the existing code and require a new one.

The big news, however, is their size. How big are they? Big enough, Patrick says, to hold up to a 17-inch laptop. So there you have it, Erin. Come back soon and don’t forget your computer!

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  1. That’s good news since as mentioned in your quoted review, when I stayed there, I found the safe not to be all that useful compared to safes in most other hotels/resorts. I didn’t measure it but the safe that I had in my room was maybe at most 2 inches deep/thick and maybe 5″x7″ so I could only put things like my passport, my wallet, my money, and my ebook reader. I also didn’t like having to worry about a key which I might lose. Also, the safe door didn’t seem all that secure to me.

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