Las Vegas exit.

When you think of Las Vegas, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Gambling? Shows? The Las Vegas Strip? While these are all synonymous with the Vegas vibe, Sin City has several sides to it; many of which you may not have seen.

Tucked inside the historical casinos and in buildings off the busy Strip are hidden gems, unique businesses, and interesting places to visit that will allow you to experience Vegas on a different level, the Las Vegas business side of the city. If the Strip is what Vegas looks like all made up in full costume and makeup, then these places are what it looks like when its being its natural self. Or as “natural” as it gets when it comes to the Entertainment Capital of the World, that is larger than life.

Las Vegas exit.

The Mob Museum

Back in its heyday, Vegas was a hubbub of gangster activities as the casino-centric mecca we all know and love was first being formed. The Mob Museum was once a federal courthouse and post office until it was sold to the city of Las Vegas for $1 in 2000. Twelve years later, the museum opened on Valentine’s Day and now gives ticket holders a chance to learn about the ins and outs of early Las Vegas and the mob bosses that ran it. Locals get $7 off admission and every Tuesday, Nevada residents get buy one get one free admission after 1:00 PM.

The Hydrant Club

Humans aren’t the only ones who can experience the VIP treatment in Vegas. Pups can get extra special attention as well, if they’re part of The Hydrant Club that is. This Las Vegas business is a place where your dog can go to be social and roam free. There are training classes, boarding stays, and plenty of off-leash play to keep your four-legged friend happy. To receive full benefits, dog owners must submit an application to see if their pet is chosen. Once approved, they get as many puppy perks as they can handle.

Two dogs resting at the dog park.

The Space

Locals unite in this art complex that was created for and used by members of the Las Vegas art scene. The Space houses performance space, a recording studio, rehearsal studios, and a piano bar and lounge, all which supports the creative community. Every Monday night event is devoted to raising money and awareness for local causes and charities. Whether you want to entertain, create, or simply spectate, The Space is the Las Vegas business location for any and all creative minds.

The fact that Las Vegas is flooded with artistic talent is interesting and unique, but Sin City has always been a performance/showcase type of city with the art scene growing stronger every day. Rather than seeing another show on the Las Vegas Strip or losing your money at the casino slots, pay a visit to The Space, or another local arts space and support the talent we have right here in our local neighborhoods.

Shark Reef

Despite the fact that Las Vegas is a desert landscape, there are still ocean waters within the walls of some casinos on the Strip. The Las Vegas business, Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay gives visitors a chance to view sharks up close and personal (Nevada residents get $3 off admission). If that’s not thrilling enough for you, take a dive with the sharks if you dare. The Dive with Sharks exhibit is open to certified divers with a purchased reservation who can then dive in and swim with over 30 exotic sharks. Definitely not something you get to do every day, especially in the desert!

View of sharks from below.

A Local Look at Las Vegas

Beyond the bright lights and busy streets, there are over 600,000 residents who live, work, and play in the Las Vegas arena. Local business is what keeps the area thriving even in the pockets set away from the Strip. Take time to visit some of these points of interest or the hundreds of other local haunts throughout the city. Las Vegas is not only a great place to visit but also a wonderful place to live.

On your next trip to Sin City, think about supporting a few Las Vegas local businesses and getting to know the city on a different level. And for residents who want to play tourist for the day, schedule a staycation and see just how much is available right in your own backyard.