Mermaid CaySea, the wondrous result of an unlikely coupling, has found a new home here at Tahiti Village. Her arrival, like her spectacular speckled fin, is a source of great mystery. On Monday, May 28, the blonde hybrid turned up on a cart outside the gate of our tropical beach pool and asked to be wheeled into the water. Although her origins were unknown and her motives unclear, her charm and beauty cast a mesmerizing spell on our pool staff – and they had no choice but to carry out her wishes.

Once inside the pool, CaySea cut through the water like a born descendent of Poseidon, her taut tail smacking the water like a pastel paddle, and she made a beeline for a group of children frolicking in the shallows near the sandy beach bottom entry. Like our pool staff, they immediately clustered around her and were instantly captivated by this most unusual creature. CaySea read them “tales” from her mermaid book and engaged in playful games with colorful plastic eggs.

An hour passed by like a minute, and just as quickly as she had arrived, CaySea announced it was time for her to go. “Noooooo,” cried the kids in unison. She explained that her unique physiology allowed her to stay in chlorinated pool water for just 60 minutes a week, but that she’d be back the same time the following Monday and every Monday thereafter throughout the summer.

You can “catch” her from 2-3 p.m. To quote Mermaid CaySea herself, it’s a “fin-tastic” fun time for all!