Last Sunday, in a rehearsal performance a week before his official Tahiti Village debut on Jan. 14, magician Seth Grabel wowed a roomful of invited employees and their guests with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of sleight of hand trickery, astonishing utensil manipulation, mindboggling levitation, and dexterous card virtuosity.

He was also incredibly funny and engaging.

I was in the audience and can say, without reservation, that Seth’s sheer magic mastery compares with any Strip magician I’ve seen, and he surpasses them all where audience interaction, participation and fun are concerned. Seth never lacked for willing human props, and if they experienced any initial trepidation, he quickly put them at ease with madcap question and answer ventriloquism and subsequently blew their minds with incredible how-did-he- do-that artistry.

Watching him live, it is easy to see how Seth was an America’s Got Talent semifinalist and a guest on numerous other TV shows, including Animal Planet, EXTRA, and E! Seth’s show is decidedly family-friendly (the kids in the audience were completely captivated) and, with a 4 p.m. start, it’s a great way to begin your evening in Las Vegas.

If you’re staying at Tahiti Village this weekend, or you live in Las Vegas and want to get out of the house on a Sunday afternoon, I wholeheartedly recommend taking in the Seth Grabel show inside the second floor Kahiko Room above Denny’s. Doors open at 3:30.

Tickets are available at the concierge desk in the main lobby or by calling (702) 440-6915. Get some before they disappear!

By Las Vegas Entertainment Writer