Everyone loves a good party, especially a luau party! Here’s all you need to know to enjoy the original summertime celebration.

If you’re looking for a good time this summer, you must add a luau to your social calendar. Think about it – amazing food, inventive drinks, lively entertainment, authentic islands-themed music – and all set to a poolside backdrop. Can it get any better? If you’re ready to party tropical-style, keep the following considerations in mind:

The Attire

shutterstock_265486580This isn’t a black-tie affair. In fact, a style that focuses on comfort and relaxation are hallmarks of the luau party experience. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider what to wear. Guys can do a Hawaiian shirt or short-sleeved button down shirt paired with linen or cotton pants or shorts. Sandals or casual shoes are the way to go. Ladies, keep it simple yet elegant with a flowing, floral-pattern dress or skirt with sleeveless top. Then, accent with subtle, natural-looking accessories. You don’t have to wear a grass skirt to fit in at a luau, but it won’t look out of place either. It’ll show how festive you are.

The Food

shutterstock_189032936A traditional luau represents a terrific opportunity to sample authentic Polynesian dishes, so jump right in and create excitement around trying the food and drink specials at the party. You’ll likely find staples like teriyaki chicken or beef, as well as more authentic dishes like Huli Huli chicken, Lau Lau, and chicken long rice. Plus, a luau isn’t complete without Poi – the famous Hawaiian side dish, or poke, potato salad, and baked sweet potatoes. An assortment of fresh, tropical fruit will likely be served, too. The food table at a luau is all about authenticity, freshness, and diverse flavors. Your taste buds won’t know what hit them!

The Entertainment

shutterstock_123459439Expect incredible, rhythmic Polynesian music at your upcoming luau, setting the perfect backdrop for dancers entrancing the audience with distinctly Tahitian moves. While there are a variety of dance styles often associated with a luau (like Tongan, Hula, Samoan, Fijian, Tahitian, and New Zealand), Tahitian moves are quite common. And don’t expect to simply sit back and be entertained – you’re expected to hop up and bust a move yourself. Dancers will teach you how to sway your hips and feel the rhythm of the drums as you dance the hula with dozens of your new best friends. Yes, fire dancing is often a part of the entertainment, but hitting the dance floor and learning some new moves is unforgettably fun.

There are some incredible luaus to discover across the nation, with one of the premier experiences being right in the heart of Las Vegas – at Tahiti Village. Tahiti Village’s Sunday Luau is every Sunday night over the summer and features festive drinks, an amazing Tahitian-style buffet, colorful entertainment including fire twirling, and a laid-back, come-as-you-are attitude that works in perfect concert with their islands-themed resort.

Luaus have been historically significant celebrations of important milestones in island cultural life, and the spirit lives on today. Even in modern cities like Las Vegas, the luau continues to be a special occasion that marks a reverence for life, an appreciation for friends and family, and a celebration of all things ‘ohana – family.