Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas
Too hot!

Due to numerous requests asking us to extend our popular weekly summer luau past Labor Day, we have decided to do just that. Following a dark week on Sept. 10 to accommodate previously booked events, we have scheduled luaus the next two Saturdays, Sept. 17 and 24.

Our Labor Day luau was designated the last one of the year, but when it attracted a sold-out crowd of more than 300 owners and guests, marking a 15th straight successful week, we thought, `Who are we to deprive anyone of hula dancers and kalua pork when they’re asking for more’?

“We couldn’t be happier with the response,” general manager Mike Rounds said. “As long as the weather’s nice and we keep getting demand for more, I don’t see why we wouldn’t extend them into fall.”

At this point we’re not sure if we will extend the luau past Sept. 24, so be sure to check back for updates. Admission prices and start time will remain the same. For more information on the luau, please call the front desk at (702) 440-6800.


  1. We are owners and love to part take in the luau unfortunately we haven’t been able to do so because our work schedules only allow us to come in the fall/winter months. We would really appreciate it being extended. We have booked our reservation for this year for Nov. 25th through Dec 2nd.

    1. Thank you for taking time to comment, Nicole. We’re glad you enjoy the luau. You are among the legion of owners and guests who don’t want it to end. It was due to an outpouring of requests that we extended the luau an extra two weeks, to Sept. 24. The weather is still ideal for an outdoor function, but by the time you arrive, in November, we fear the cold would compromise your enjoyment of a traditional summer event (to say nothing of the girls in the grass skirts). We never like to say never, but at this point an extension into winter seems unlikely. We’re sorry your work commitments prevent a summer visit, but we want you to know we’re always looking into winter events for our visitors to enjoy.

    1. Thank you for asking, Aziz. Unfortunately, the Sept. 24 luau was the last one of the season. We haven’t set a date for their resumption, but rest assured they will resume. We held our first luau this year at the end of May, so you can probably expect a similar start date for the 2012 season. Please check back regularly for updates.

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