Going on vacation is fun and helps increase your overall health and happiness. Vacations typically mean venturing off to a new location. Traveling presents an opportunity to gain a new perspective on life and your surroundings. Providing the chance to meet new people, see new places, and have new experiences.
Owning a timeshare is a great way to ensure you are regularly taking time off to relax and create unique experiences with your loved ones. Some of the many benefits of timeshare ownership include:

Resort & home-like accommodations

Resort amenities such as hot tubs, pools, tennis courts, fitness center, spa services, activities on site for children, room service and so much more. Some resorts have so many amenities you may never want to leave!

Home-like accommodations

Laundry units for longer stays.
Full kitchens, and refrigerators for ability to have family meals right in your unit!
Spacious dining and living rooms plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy the vacation.

Gifting your timeshare to family and friends.

Keep the memories alive, by passing down your timeshare to your family during your estate planning.

Timeshare resorts are some of the most beautiful resorts on the planet!

Where else can you own a piece of paradise and not have to do any of the upkeep? The maintenance of the property is taken care of, always being in the best condition for your arrival.

As an owner, you have the opportunity to participate in the vacation exchange membership program called RCI. RCI allows you the access to over 4,300 resorts in nearly 110 countries, just by being a timeshare owner! As a member of the program, you also receive special rates on cruises and last-call vacations, saving you money on that dream trip you have been wanting to take. Other perks include discounts on airfare and car rentals.
When you become an owner with Somerpointe Resorts, you enjoy all those perks and have access to the various locations throughout Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Florida.

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