Pool10 (1)Enjoying a relaxing day by the pool at Tahiti Village is sublime. Keeping the kids entertained in the pool while you unwind is priceless.

You’ve made the wise choice to book a suite at Tahiti Village – the only Tahitian-themed resort featuring spacious suites, incredible islands-themed pools and a lazy river, and sumptuous dining options in Las Vegas. And nothing quite feels like an islands-themed vacation than spending time sitting by the pool, sipping on your favorite drink (Bahama Mama, anyone?) while the kids spend time splashing about. Let’s jump in and conduct a little “pool game brainstorming” to help keep the kids entertained all day while you relax in the shade.

  1. Marco Polo: Yes, you played this one when you were a kid; so, why not reintroduce it to the digital crowd? Your kids will love the classic “cat-and-mouse” scenario. Plus, it makes for serious social interaction that can help them create new friends at the pool.
  1. Not-So-Lazy-River: The name “Lazy River” implies an idyllic, almost passive trip around the resort on an inner tube – and that’s exactly what it should be. But, you can introduce a little friendly competition and healthy movement by having your kids compete to see who can navigate their way around the Lazy Loop the quickest.
  1. Water Volleyball: Kids of all ages love to compete, and what better way to have fun in the sun than with a game of water volleyball? Grab a ball, gather some friends, and then serve, set, spike, block, and dig your way to victory in the pool.
  1. Sharks and Minnows: The name pretty much says it all, but Sharks and Minnows is essentially a splash-inducing game of “tag” in the pool. The shark starts at one side of the pool and the minnows at the other. Once the game is on, the minnows try to swim to the shark’s side of the pool without getting tagged. Each minnow that is tagged becomes a shark, until there is just one minnow left. The victorious minnow becomes the shark in the next round.
  1. Handstand Olympics: Ok, it’s not exactly the Olympics, but a handstand competition in the pool can make even the least athletic among us feel like a world-class gymnast. Have one person act as an impartial judge. Then, ask three or more kids to complete their best handstand – with extra points added for originality, best pose, or longest time spent upright. Add categories like “best one-handed handstand” or “longest time until a tip-over” to spice it up.
  1. Treasure Hunt: Bring along some fun pool toys that’ll sink, and then have one kid act as the “pirate” – stashing his or her treasure about the pool. Teams of kids can work together to see who can recover the pirate’s booty the quickest. Points are added for high-value prizes like fake gold coins or other treasure.

This summer, take a trip to Tahiti Village in Las Vegas and unwind for a few days. Once you’ve kicked off your shoes and parked your stresses at the front door, sit by the poolside and enjoy a quick bite, a cool drink, and the feel of the sun on your face.

Then, unleash the kids on the swimming pools and lazy river and allow them to create their own unique games. What is your child’s favorite pool game? Afterwards, enjoy islands-themed food at one of the on-site eateries, or spend time at the world-class spa located right in the heart of the resort. No matter how you define relaxation, you’ll find it at Tahiti Village, your oasis from the outside world.