The phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” might be true…to a degree, but there are a lot of myths and fallacies about the city that we’re ready to shed some light on.

Have you been to Las Vegas recently? It isn’t the same gritty gambling mecca it once was in the 70s and 80s. In fact, reputation in Paradise is somewhat of a myth in itself, so let’s set the record straight on some of the more prevalent Las Vegas myths.

Myth #1: It’s all about the gambling.


Interestingly enough, about half of Vegas visitors in a recent survey indicated that they traveled to Vegas strictly for business, with 47% saying the purpose of the trip was vacation or pleasure. Gambling is still big business in Las Vegas, with the State of Nevada raking in just under $11 billion in revenues out of a national total of $34 billion. But there is way more to Las Vegas than gambling. The city and surrounding areas have emerged as being more than just gaming alone. Intrigue for travelers include award-winning shows, celebrity chefs and restaurants, and relaxation time spent at the pools and spas. Yes, many Vegas goers still hit the casino floor, but it’s more about an entire entertainment experience.

Another myth around gambling in Vegas is that hotels pump oxygen into the casino floor. Most people want to believe this myth because it gives them an excuse when they realize how long they’ve been inside the casino. But pumping oxygen into every casino would turn out to be rather dangerous and impractical. Some also want to believe that all casino games are fixed, and no one will ever win big. It is true that the house always wins, but there are other times where locals and tourists alike can hit the jackpot and walkout of the casino as a wealthier player. But, overall, all casino games are a gamble and will continue to keep the people coming back for more.

Myth #2: Locals in Vegas enjoy a non-stop party.


The Las Vegas Valley boasts a resident count of about 2 million people, and these individuals comprise of teachers, doctors, construction workers, office personnel, and others who live here year-round and keep the city running. Though there is no shortage of things to do in Las Vegas, most of the partiers are the visitors. It can be quite exhausting, as you’d assume, to stay out until 2 or 3am and then pop out of bed at 7am and head to work. You can party in Las Vegas, but the majority of residents are simply going about their daily lives in the shadow of the Strip.

Another misunderstanding regarding locals in the area is that all Vegas residents live in hotels. This, indeed, is a myth. Yes, some locals of the valley do work in the hotels and casinos, but most residents live a good distance from all the hustle and bustle of the famous Las Vegas strip. You might be able to find a few residents enjoying a nice staycation at one of the fancy strip hotels, or enjoying the famous fountain show outside of the Bellagio, but that’s a whole different story.

Myth #3: Vegas is only for adults.


If there is one positive shift in the Las Vegas landscape over the past few decades, it is the growing diversity of the area to encompass activities for all ages. Adults will always enjoy Sin City as a desert playground, but families find that Vegas is a friendly place for kids, too. World-class waterparks, museums, amusement parks, natural areas, and more appeal to the under 21 crew, and adults find these venues have their own appeal. Family vacations can sometimes be exhausting, but when you plan a trip to Las Vegas, it is never a bad time! Kids will enjoy the variety of attractions available to them as well as fun activities that they wouldn’t expect to participate in while staying in the desert. Let your children explore the wide variety of restaurants to pick from or let them experience the landscaping where a city was built from nothing!

Myth #4: Everything fun happens on the Strip.


The Strip is where the bright lights and big casinos are found, but to say the fun stops there is simply untrue. Downtown’s Fremont Experience is a revitalization of “old” Vegas with restaurants, casinos, and the famed SlotZilla zipline letting guests soar over the crowds. Downtown you’ll also find the Neon Museum, Mob Museum, and downtown’s art district where you’ll find local galleries and boutiques. When you are visiting Vegas and venture to another area besides the strip, you will experience a completely different and exciting Vegas to explore. Look into local attractions while staying in the desert, and see why so many people have turned this tourist town into their home.

Myth #5: Las Vegas shows are expensive.


Yes, some Las Vegas shows can be expensive but because of the high tourism rate, you can see high-caliber performances for a more cost-efficient price. Don’t count out the live music and entertainment available wherever you stay and keep an eye on free performances at local outdoor areas, especially throughout the summer. Las Vegas is a place that offers something for everyone, so keep that in mind when you are on the hunt for a show to see.

Some of these myths and fallacies paint a “unique” picture of the city of Las Vegas, but the reality is that Vegas has emerged as a world-class destination for individuals, couples, and families who desire a fun, affordable and relaxing place to visit at any time of the year. Plan your Vegas trip today, and prepare to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.