The clock is ticking, and your important meeting is right around the corner. You might be planning a team building exercise or a strategic planning session for you and several of your closest colleagues. Regardless of the type of meeting, you’ll want to keep several do’s and don’ts in mind to ensure you pull off a meeting that is memorable for all the right reasons.


Do – Determine the Meeting Goal.

Are you looking to boost your business by rallying the troops? If so, consider whether senior-level leaders can attend your meeting to share information and spawn ideas directly with their teams. Then, tailor the meeting space to comfortably accommodate all attendees.


Don’t – Fail to Plan.

A meeting should be collaborative, but it doesn’t mean you should leave interactions among your guests to chance. Create a checklist and agenda that outlines what you and your team should be working on throughout a series of 30-minute or 1-hour time blocks. Then, provide your invitees with the same agenda so they can self-manage their time and help stay on track.


Do – Select the Right Destination and Venue.

Decide on a destination that makes sense for your event and fits within your budget. Las Vegas is ideal for business meetings, as it is accessible via several time choices for airline flights daily and room rental rates are quite attractive. That, plus the wide range of meeting and event spaces in the city, makes Vegas a top choice. Holding your meeting in a fun environment like Sin City can make the entire meeting experience both informational and exhilarating.

Once you’ve determined your head count, seek a venue that offers plenty of space for you and your guests. A good rule of thumb is 30 square feet per person if conducting a conference, 15 square feet per person for a banquet, 20 square feet per person for a classroom-style event, and 12 square feet per person for a theatre style gathering. Ensure there are plenty of outlets and enough space for any other technical setup required.


Don’t – Forget the Food.

Looking for a way to boost the energy and enhance the atmosphere in the room? Provide attendees with a variety of food and beverages that are easy to eat and don’t require a lengthy sit-down meal process. Finger foods and small plates encourage networking and conversations, so ask your venue to set up an array of small tables around the meeting room to keep people moving. Coffee and tea can help keep guests alert and engaged throughout the event, too.


Do – Ask for Feedback.

Ask questions to learn from your audience, and then use this information to refine future meetings. Business meeting attendees can provide constructive feedback that may serve to steer your future event plans. Create an anonymous survey consisting of a simple list of questions, or assemble an electronic survey that can be emailed out to your team. Either way, ask questions and uncover common threads to help perfect future meetings.

Conducting the perfect meeting is possible when you set expectations upfront, select an appropriate venue in an ideal location, create an agenda, keep people fed, encourage networking and feedback, and above all else, have a little fun. For more information on flexible meeting spaces in Las Vegas, contact the event planning team at Tahiti Village today!