How to Celebrate the Holidays in the Midst of the Pandemic

How to Celebrate the Holidays in the Midst of the Pandemic

Written by: Emma Grace Brown ~

With COVID-19 remaining a significant concern in many places, holiday plans are changing for many. From cooking family recipes over Zoom calls or shuttling dishes and gifts between households, your holidays will likely look quite different this year. Use this guide to help your family cope this holiday season, whether it’s signing on for family video chats over turkey dinners or opening presents on Zoom.

Safe travel tips and considerations

While many are opting to stay home and avoid the risk of contracting COVID-19, others are choosing to travel to see family or for holidays. The CDC recommends that people stay home, but if you choose to travel, be sure to heed the following advice.

First of all, it’s wise to ask yourself whether your travel is necessary. If you’re thinking of traveling to see family members who may be considered at-risk, it’s probably better to avoid making the trip. Even if your plans include traveling to a family-friendly resort and having a mini-holiday, it’s still vital to consider the risks before booking your travel.

If you do choose to travel, first check travel restrictions. Some states require a quarantine period, especially if you’re coming from a high-risk area. Get your flu shot before you travel, and wear a mask in all public settings, when using public transportation, and around people you don’t live with. Keep a six-foot distance from others, and wash and sanitize your hands often.

Virtual celebration tips

For those who choose to stay home and reduce the risk of transmission, you can still celebrate the holidays with your immediate household and have virtual celebrations with loved ones who live far away. You can get together virtually through Zoom, but ensure you have the right equipment to make the most out of your virtual get-togethers.

One item that will improve your video calls is a new laptop or tablet. You can get great deals on both tablets and laptops online from a number of different manufacturers, so do your research before buying. Another great product is a webcam, which can make your video chat feed much clearer for the rest of the family.

If you have a big family, it might make more sense to use a projector so all your family members can see friends and family easily while chatting. Along with allowing you to view your family and friends on the big screen, a projector will be great for family movie nights. Be sure to read reviews, study project features, and learn about the various resolution options before buying.

Holiday survival tips

In the absence of gatherings, people are getting really creative this holiday season. Thanksgiving is usually a time for families and friends to cook together, and some are planning to do so online. From learning how to make your mom’s favorite stuffing to getting the turkey just right, you can video chat with your friends and family throughout your meal prep. It’s the next best thing to being in person, and it will likely be more fun than you expect.

While it may be difficult to imagine celebrating Christmas without your extended family, you can still exchange gifts by shipping presents to one another and agreeing to open them together via video chat when the time comes. If you’re buying gifts for kids in your life, some of the hottest holiday toys will be available online at heavy discounts, so do your research before you buy.

In a year filled with difficulty and uncertainty, managing the risk of COVID-19 through the holidays may feel challenging. If you’re traveling, be sure to wear your mask in public settings and quarantine yourself as necessary. If you’re staying home, make use of video chats to spend time with your family online. It might not be the same as you’re used to, but it will help keep your family safe during the dangerous pandemic season.

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