Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas
Artist’s rendering of a finished adult-only spa (click to enlarge).

As you may have read on Twitter, in a Tweet from general manager Mike Rounds, groundbreaking began this week on our new adult-only spa. We anticipate a Thanksgiving opening, with construction taking about 60 days. The spa will hold approximately 4,500 gallons and seat 17, more than double the capacity of our family hot tub. It will have twin tiki torches on either side of a rock waterfall, which will flow its contents directly into the spa. It is located behind the Lazy River, to the north and east of Tower 5. Please stay tuned to Twitter for progress photos and updates on the adult spa.




  1. I would love to see an adults only pool area. There is just no place to escape the noise level that comes with children enjoying themselves in the pool area.

  2. Adult only spa? We have been waiting for this. Not that we don’t like kids but sometimes we like the kids somewhere else.

    1. No explanations necessary, Robert. We know exactly what you mean. The adult-only spa, inside the new Island Courtyard, will make a great getaway when you need a little time for yourself. Thank you for writing.

  3. We love BUFFETS whenever we are in Las Vegas…Is there any possibility of a Buffet Line in Tahiti Village?…It should be nice so we do not have to leave the place during meal times…Thank you so much and as owners, we love Tahiti Village….

    1. Access to more buffets per square mile is one of the benefits of living in Las Vegas. Where else are you going to get such a diversity of bread pudding? To answer your question, Amalia and Sonny, there is always a possibility but not much likelihood. The sheer volume of food required to sustain a buffet of the kind you’re referring to is beyond the capacity of our small staff to produce. As you probably know, we offer a modest Polynesian buffet during our summer luau, but that is only once a week and we are able to calculate the amount of food we will need based on a fairly static attendance expectation. It’s nice to dream, though. Thank you for writing. We appreciate your ownership.

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