Enjoy the upcoming football season at 17° South

A transformation at Tahiti Joe’s will usher in a new era featuring bar food favorites. We have devised a large, Americanized menu that is guaranteed to please your palate with an all-star lineup of traditional appetizers, burgers, pizza, sandwiches and salads. You’ll enjoy proven winners like cheese quesadillas, loaded nachos, wings, fingers, cheeseburger sliders and a barbecue bacon burger. We will also have a children’s menu (PB&J!) and delectable desserts.

Delicious burgers
Delectable fingers

The adjustments at Joe’s aren’t stopping with the food. We are also upping the fun quotient by installing a number of arcade games, pool tables and a foosball table, all of them guaranteed to go great with our scrumptious menu items. Now instead of being a place where you eat and run, Tahiti Joe’s will become a destination to meet and eat and play and stay. Of course if you prefer you can order poolside from the same great menu and have it delivered directly to your lounge chair. Pool service began last week. Rediscover Tahiti Joe’s on your next visit to Tahiti Village.

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