Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas

We are dubious we’ll be walking when we’re 72 let alone dancing with the joyous abandon of the couple in the video beneath the photo. This is what happens when we ask you to send in your summer vacation photos from Tahiti Village– we get a really inspiring, made-for-YouTube moment as well.

Melissa Loupe Irvin plays Basketpong at Tahiti Joe’s on her last visit. We thank her for sending us the photo and wonderful video of her parents.

Hubert and Helen Loupe, youthful 72-year-olds from Louisiana, were attending the June 16 luau with family when they were compelled by a mysterious inner force – or more likely the infectious Polynesian rhythms of Hot Lava – to rise from their table and dance like no one’s watching.

“They don’t get to dance often,” said their daughter, Melissa Loupe Irvin, “so the family really enjoyed watching them.”

We hope you enjoy it as well – and will be thusly inspired to send us your own photos and videos. We’ll definitely find a place for them.