DC Fast Drive Electric Vehicle ChargerAs demand increases for clean-running transportation, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are subsequently cropping up all over Las Vegas. The lone caveat to this encouraging circumstance is virtually all of them are Level 2 (or standard charging) stations. “Filling up” at one of these alternating current stations can take hours for a full charge.

There are only two Level 3 (or fast charging) direct current stations presently in Las Vegas, and we are proud to announce that one of them is right here at Tahiti Village. A ribbon cutting ceremony on May 12 officially announced our resort as home to a Nissan-sponsored electric vehicle charging station. The other, wouldn’t you know, is at a Nissan dealership.

Level 3, or DC Fast Drive, stations can deliver an 80 percent charge in about 17 minutes, said Marc Deutsch, Nissan EV business development manager. That makes them ideal for “topping off” and getting you on the road quickly.

AC Level 1 stations are typically for home use and can take anywhere from 12-14 hours to fully charge the battery.

Nissan Leaf chargingTurning over a new Leaf

Tahiti Village President Richard Rodriguez, Vice President Lynn Mitchell and Resort Manager Mike Rounds welcomed Deutsch and other EV dignitaries to the second floor of the parking garage, where the double-sided charging station is located next to the elevators.

They included David Sharp, director of business development for EV charging and infrastructure company GoSpace; Frank Rieger, CEO of station installer Sol-Up USA;  and Marie Steele, EV and renewable energy manager for NV Energy. Service is provided by greenlots.

“Congratulations,” Mr. Sharp told the assembled. “This is a great thing for your property. People should be driving on electricity, not gasoline. It just makes sense.”

He later touted the “efficiency of economics” attendant in electric vehicles, including a motor with virtually no moving parts and the driving equivalent of 60 cents a gallon of gasoline.

EV owners pay for charging with an RFID card they hold over the station’s read symbol. Use of the station is free to Nissan Leaf owners.

Nissan Electric Vehicle Charging Station ribbon cutting
From left to right, Soleil Management Vice President Lynn Mitchell, Tahiti Village General Manager Mike Rounds and GoSpace Director of Business Development David Sharp officially open our Nissan Electric Vehicle Charging Station during a May 12 ceremony at Tahiti Village.