shutterstock_167718563-optWhether you’re headed out to a bar or plan on mixing up a few of your favorite cocktails in your resort room, what does your favorite drink say about you?

You have two drink options in front of you – a glass of 2005 Chateau Montrose or a six-pack of IPA – which do you choose? Some of us would jump at the chance to sample a $170 bottle of wine, while others can’t resist the hoppy indulgence of a good quality pale ale. Your drink of choice says something about you; kind of like a drinker’s horoscope. Find out which category fits you best.

The Rebel:

shutterstock_115939075If you like to order off-the-beaten-path alcohols like absinthe, you may live by the motto, “It’s better to be a liver than to have one!” This drink of choice is for rebellious, edgy individuals, who aren’t concerned about the lack of feeling in their legs, as long as they’re having a good time. They often have a tight group of friends, so someone is usually available to drive them home.

The College Kid:

shutterstock_271501124Are shots of Fireball a regular part of your weekend activity? When it comes to alcohol, you’ll take it cheap and fast. If you only head to the convenience store when you need to stock up on grain alcohol and carbonated mixers, you might fall into this drinking group.

The Throwback:

shutterstock_3213217You loved the 90s and continue to drink the cocktails of the era by ordering a Cosmopolitan or Daiquiri whenever you go out. If you drank it in college and still like to order it now, your drink of choice might be a Lemon Drop martini or a vodka cranberry because a classic never dies.

The Achiever:

shutterstock_384195598Campari & soda is a mixed drink that says: “I am in control of my career, my life, and my destiny.” It is light in terms of alcohol content, so you’ll be ready to network with other like-minded individuals at any time. You’re a winner, so drink like it!

The Tough Guy:

shutterstock_365460248If you drink Jager Bombs, Irish Car Bombs, or any other drink with the word “bomb” in it, you may be in the tough guy crew. They can throw drinks back better than anyone and sipping is not part of the verbiage used for a night out drinking for them.

The Grown-Up:

shutterstock_2690644If you’ve moved beyond the Jack and Coke crowd, but still haven’t entered full-on Hennessey mode, you’re probably a fan of Manhattans. Late 20s to early 30s drinkers are often fond of the Manhattan, as it is a mature drink, but still rewards you with the ultimate prize after the drink is gone – a cherry at the bottom!

The Perennial Partier:

shutterstock_275196644Margaritas fit this group like a glove. Whatever the occasion, margaritas are always a popular drink of choice among those always up for a good time. Margaritas are the ultimate party drink and blended is higher on the fun scale than on the rocks.

The Hipster:

shutterstock_385175584This group of ironic, mustached individuals love to drink moonshine. Why? Possibly because it represents a less-corporate approach to drinking. It is also ironic because it represents a drink that people in the country make in a bathtub out of necessity, while “city” moonshine is generally brewed in a several thousand-dollar setup.

Regardless of the type of cocktail you prefer, remember your favorite drink of choice can be mixed up right in your own resort suite kitchen when you stay at Tahiti Village. Don’t worry too much about whether you’re a “Grown-up” “Tough Guy” or “Achiever,” you can simply sit back and enjoy your surroundings 365 days a year at our incredible Las Vegas retreat.