Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas

This year’s luau is getting a makeover. Not only is it moving to a new day and location (details in our upcoming newsletter), but the menu is undergoing a change as well. Rather than spring it on you unawares at the first luau, we thought it prudent for a small test group of Tahiti Village employees to take the first brave bites and offer feedback. Staff members were presented with four main entrées and three salads plus jasmine rice, sweet Hawaiian rolls and dessert, all courtesy of Lisa Bobak from Tahiti Village catering.

Displayed side by side by side in heated Schaefer boxes, the main courses consisted of tilapia with orange sauce, a fresh vegetable stir fry with shrimp, grilled Polynesian chicken with a citrus marinade, and sweet and sour pulled pork. Fruit was the primary ingredient in one salad, macaroni in the other. A zingy island slaw completed the trio. The jasmine rice was al dente with long, springy grains. Dessert consisted of a banana pudding with strawberry sauce that satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth without being too sweet – not easy.  After the first pass, the tasters did their due diligence to validate their initial impressions. Yes, they went back for seconds. Opinions varied from person to person and from dish to dish, and if in the end this first round of samples didn’t yield a consensus on a finished menu, it at least pointed in a promising direction. We will keep you updated and reveal what Lisa comes up with for her final selections as soon as we know.

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