Tahiti Village Pool in Las Vegas

Activities to Enjoy this Summer

From our relaxing lazy river to our sandy beaches to our many fun summer activities, Tahiti Village Resort & Spa is the ultimate vacation destination. Summer is the best season to stay in a tropical paradise and with everything we offer, our guests can have the ultimate summer vacation without ever leaving the resort.

Say “Aloha” at Our Weekly Luaus

Every Sunday until Labor Day, Tahiti Village Resort & Spa hosts a tropical Luau at 7 pm. Enjoy entertainment that will make you feel like you’re really vacationing on a tropical island, sip on one of our tropical beverage specials, and enjoy a huge, authentic Hawaiian buffet feast. Get full access to fire twirlers, ukulele performers, and more at our on-site summer luau by getting your VIP and general admission tickets at the concierge desk.

Mermaid playing with kids at Tahiti Village Las Vegas poolSwim with a Real-Life Mermaid

Another one of our unique summer resort activities is located right in the water at the Tahiti Village Las Vegas pool. This may be hard to believe, but we have a real-life, in-house mermaid who spends time with the kiddos out at the pool every Monday all summer long. Mysterious Mermaid CaySea turned up at the beginning of the summer requesting to spend time in the water and although we don’t know of her origins, her sparkly fin, delightful charm, and amazing beauty has entranced us all. Catch Mermaid CaySea at the Tahiti Village pool for a swimmingly great time every Monday from 2 to 3 pm.

Acoustics and Ale

Live music paired with a cold beer after a long, hot summer day sounds like the definition of paradise to us. That’s why every Thursday starting at 6 pm, we bring our guests Acoustics and Ale. Kick back and relax right by the Tahiti Village pool on your Las Vegas vacation.

Our event features an amazingly thirst-quenching lineup of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company beers and several extremely talented live musical artists from Nick Mattera Productions. We’re even giving away Sierra Nevada swag, like t-shirts and bottle openers, at every event!

The Magic of Seth Grabel at Tahiti Village PosterJust Another Magic Monday

Seth Grabel, who previously performed at Tahiti Village Resort & Spa every Sunday, has transported his show to Monday nights and it’s better than ever! His increasingly-popular magic show is such a fun resort activity for guests of all ages. In our intimate Kahiko Room, you can enjoy an up-close magic show every Monday evening at 7 pm that will take your breath away. Make note that every Magic of Seth Grabel show needs some help from the audience, so get your magic skills ready. Grab your tickets at the concierge desk in our main lobby, or give us a call to claim yours before they disappear.

This summer, you don’t have to go too far to get luaus, refreshing cocktails, live music, and even a real-life mermaid! Book your stay at Tahiti Village Resort and Spa today for the ultimate tropical paradise.

Can Seth Grabel fool Penn & Teller? Watch and see this Monday night!

Watch Seth Grabel try to pull one over on Penn & Teller this Monday night on Fool Us!
Watch Seth Grabel try to pull one over on Penn & Teller this Monday night on Fool Us!

Back in February, a month before his big TV taping for Penn & Teller’s Fool Us magic competition show, spectacular Tahiti Village magician Seth Grabel proclaimed: “It’s going to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever done.”

Immediately and without prompting, he proceeded to describe in graphic detail what can only be called a date with digestion, then made us promise not to reveal the gory specifics. (We promise, Seth!)

Fool Us brings together magicians to perform tricks in front of Penn & Teller. If the famous duo cannot determine how a trick was done, the magician who performed it will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform as their opening act at the Rio Hotel & Casino right here in Las Vegas.

Without revealing whether he fooled Penn & Teller or not, Seth said “I did exactly what I planned to do, which is perform the biggest stun ever seen on the show. We made magic happen, and I accomplished my goal of pulling off a stunt I have been thinking about for years.”

The episode, filmed in March, will air Monday, June 23, from 8-9 p.m. on the CW network (KVCW Channel 33 in Las Vegas) right after Seth’s regularly scheduled Monday night performance from 7-8 p.m. in our Tahiti Village Kahiko Room. Don’t miss it!