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Where to Enjoy the Sun in Las Vegas

Sun rising on Las Vegas Strip

In addition to the ritzy casinos and glamorous nightclubs, Las Vegas also offers a wide range of outdoor fun possibilities. To make the most out of your stay, check out these local opportunities that balance fun in the sun with some relief from the heat.

Lake Mead

Head out of town to play in the refreshing waters of Lake Mead. About thirty minutes from the Strip, the lake offers plenty of options for fun such as swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and scuba diving. You can even take a cruise on the Desert Princess, a three-level paddle boat. Two of the levels are enclosed and climate-controlled, so you can stay perfectly cool while enjoying the lake.

Outdoor Patio Dining on the Strip

You will want to take in the sights while you are in town, of course. From the fountains at the Bellagio to the canals at the Venetian, there is a lot to see and do on the Strip. All that walking in the sun can get exhausting, though, so enjoy the shade at one of the restaurants along the strip that offer patio dining. Serendipity 3, located near the fountains at Caesars Palace, is the perfect place to cool down with an ice cream sundae. If you are near the Wynn when hunger strikes, check out the breakfast or lunch menu at Terrace Pointe Café, where you can be seated on the poolside patio.

Water Parks

If you plan on bringing your whole family to Las Vegas this summer, a visit to one of the city’s water parks is sure to be a big hit with the kids. In addition to their usual water fun, Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas offers a new gaming experience this year called Slideboarding, which allows you to rack up points by hitting targets on the way down the slide.

The Pool at Tahiti Village

One of the best ways to enjoy being outside without burning up is to spend some time at the gorgeous pool area at Tahiti Village. Surrounded by hundreds of sculpted palm trees, the pool boasts a sandy beach entry and full-service Tiki Bar. Whether you are sipping a cocktail in the shade or playing pool volleyball in the play area, you can stay cool while working on your tan.

Enjoy the sun without burning up in Las Vegas this summer with a few of these great outdoor activities.

Tahiti Village Resort

Time to get cracking: Our annual Easter egg hunt is this Saturday; kids expected to break out of their shells

2-year-old Cruz Shober prepares for the hunt.

This just in: Tahiti Village safety and security director Rich Ingling says to be on the lookout for a roaming horde of ravenous Easter egg collectors this Saturday morning, April 19, in the vicinity of the Island Courtyard and the Lazy River.

Don’t be fooled by their innocent appearance, Rich advises. These mostly young and adorable hunter-gatherers will stop at nothing to fill their baskets to the brim with plastic candy-filled eggs, of which a goodly bounty of 3,300 is up for grabs.

The annual Easter egg hunt is the most anticipated event on our spring activities calendar. The 2013 hunt attracted approximately 200 youngsters, and this year’s is expected to draw at least that many.

Hunters will meet at 9 a.m. inside the Island Courtyard, then descend upon the Lazy River to search for the loot. The two-hour event concludes with prize contests, an Easter basket raffle, and a performance by the delightful parrots from Squawk! It’s a great time for the whole family.


Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas

Dancing seniors show us how it’s done at summer luau

We are dubious we’ll be walking when we’re 72 let alone dancing with the joyous abandon of the couple in the video beneath the photo. This is what happens when we ask you to send in your summer vacation photos from Tahiti Village– we get a really inspiring, made-for-YouTube moment as well.

Melissa Loupe Irvin plays Basketpong at Tahiti Joe’s on her last visit. We thank her for sending us the photo and wonderful video of her parents.

Hubert and Helen Loupe, youthful 72-year-olds from Louisiana, were attending the June 16 luau with family when they were compelled by a mysterious inner force – or more likely the infectious Polynesian rhythms of Hot Lava – to rise from their table and dance like no one’s watching.

“They don’t get to dance often,” said their daughter, Melissa Loupe Irvin, “so the family really enjoyed watching them.”

We hope you enjoy it as well – and will be thusly inspired to send us your own photos and videos. We’ll definitely find a place for them.


Tahiti Village Resort Las Vegas

Changes in store for this year’s luau; 2013

This year’s luau is getting a makeover. Not only is it moving to a new day and location (details in our upcoming newsletter), but the menu is undergoing a change as well. Rather than spring it on you unawares at the first luau, we thought it prudent for a small test group of Tahiti Village employees to take the first brave bites and offer feedback. Staff members were presented with four main entrées and three salads plus jasmine rice, sweet Hawaiian rolls and dessert, all courtesy of Lisa Bobak from Tahiti Village catering.

Displayed side by side by side in heated Schaefer boxes, the main courses consisted of tilapia with orange sauce, a fresh vegetable stir fry with shrimp, grilled Polynesian chicken with a citrus marinade, and sweet and sour pulled pork. Fruit was the primary ingredient in one salad, macaroni in the other. A zingy island slaw completed the trio. The jasmine rice was al dente with long, springy grains. Dessert consisted of a banana pudding with strawberry sauce that satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth without being too sweet – not easy.  After the first pass, the tasters did their due diligence to validate their initial impressions. Yes, they went back for seconds. Opinions varied from person to person and from dish to dish, and if in the end this first round of samples didn’t yield a consensus on a finished menu, it at least pointed in a promising direction. We will keep you updated and reveal what Lisa comes up with for her final selections as soon as we know.

Lazy River

“Dive-In Movie” drawing rave reviews

We are happy to report our new resort activity, Dive-In Movie, has been a big success in its limited first run and will receive the star treatment with an extended engagement next summer. Dive-In Movie, a fun pairing of unlikely activities (going swimming and watching movies), debuted Oct. 8 with “Rush Hour 2,” the first in a series of Las Vegas-themed movies, on our giant poolside screen.

“People have really enjoyed it,” Tahiti Village general manager Mike Rounds said. “A lot of them asked why we haven’t been doing this all along.”

We screened “21” on Friday, Oct. 14, and “Ocean’s 13” on Oct. 21. For the last Friday of the month, Oct. 28, we’ll present a Halloween-themed movie (“Hocus Pocus”) in place of  the originally planned “Viva Las Vegas.” Weather permitting, we may extend Dive-In Movie through the first two weeks of November. We will conduct an email survey next year to let you help decide the movie lineup for next summer. Dive-In Movie is the result of feedback from owners requesting more pool activities.

Admission is free, and so is the popcorn and lemonade. We also have a limited Dive-In Movie menu from Tahiti Joe’s that includes hot wings, chili nachos, chicken quesadillas, pizza, candy and soda.

Swimming and a movie: We can’t think of a better way to spend a leisurely Friday evening at Tahiti Village. Showtime coincides with sunset, about 6:30 p.m. Stay tuned for its reopening next season.