Hit! Split! Double down! Learn `21′ at our new blackjack social

Friendly dealer Chelsea teaches our visitors the basics of `21' during our new weekly blackjack social.
Friendly dealer Chelsey teaches Tahiti Village visitors the basics of `21′ during our new weekly blackjack social.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn blackjack but were intimated to try your luck on a live game for actual money, or you like to play but could do without a smoky casino environment, our blackjack social is just the thing for you.

You’ll learn the basics of blackjack from Shawn Tinling, a Las Vegas gaming instructor and former dealer.  He’ll teach you to play like a pro and offer tips to help you earn a winning hand. By the time you’re through, you’ll know when to hit, when to stand, when to split, and when to double down. You may even be ready to conquer the Strip!

Join us every Thursday from 2-5 p.m. in the Skyview Lounge (10th floor, Tower 5). This activity is offered through our friends at 21 Nights, a local casino gaming entertainment company

Please note: this activity is purely for fun and recreation. No money is won or lost.

Football is back

You’ve suffered long enough.

The last meaningful football game occurred seven months ago, when the Broncos slobberknockered the Panthers to win that game we can’t mention by name – or else.

In the meantime you’ve had basketball, hockey and baseball to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms, but who are we kidding?

It’s football you want and now it’s football you will get with this Thursday’s NFL season opener, a rematch of Denver’s 24-10 championship victory over Carolina way back in February.

The renewal of another football season – that annual rite of fall so graciously bestowed upon us by the Pigskin Deity – also means the return of great food and drink specials at 17° South Booze & Bites. Game day offerings include $3 Bud and Bud Light drafts, $17 Bud and Bud Light bottle buckets, $4 Jack Daniel’s and Ketel One cocktails, and $5 appetizers and stadium style specials. .

If you’re visiting Tahiti Village in the next four months you won’t miss a minute of the action. We’re showing all the nationally televised pro and college games on our 10 widescreen televisions.

Join us all season for nonstop football action and great food and drink specials!

2016 Summer Sunday Luau season concluding this Labor Day weekend. The good news? We’re offering an extra Saturday performance!

Get fired up for our last luaus of the summer.
Get fired up for our last luaus of the summer.

There is good news and sad news regarding our 2016 summer luau season. The sad news? This Sunday’s is the last show of the year. Not for another nine months will you delight in the hypnotic hips of our hula girls, marvel at the courage of our brave fire twirler, and enjoy our authentic Polynesian buffet.

The good news? To accommodate our sold-out Labor Day weekend crowd, we’re adding an extra performance on Saturday. Both shows are scheduled for 7 p.m. in the Island Courtyard and will offer wonderful entertainment from Hot Lava and delicious island fare straight from our 17° South kitchen.

Please see our concierge for tickets or call 702-440-6915.

This year’s luau has been a massive success, and we look forward to another great season starting next May. It’ll be here before you know it!


Exploring the Exciting Tahiti Village Activities

tahiti-village-resort-activitiesIf you’re looking for a unique, off-the-Strip Vegas experience, then Tahiti Village is the destination for you. From high-energy luaus to tropical poolside lounging, Tahiti Village is the perfect island getaway with plenty of exciting activities for the whole family. Here are the must-do activities the next time you’re staying at Tahiti Village!

Celebrate In Tahitian Style

There’s no better way to get into the true Tahitian spirit than with a festive luau show. At Tahiti Village’s Summer Sunday Luaus, guests can experience live Polynesian entertainment by Hot Lava. This dynamic group has wowed audiences worldwide and is Las Vegas’ most popular Polynesian performers. You’re guaranteed to have a memorable evening filled with lively hula dancing, drumming, and Samoan fire twirling. To top the evening off, the luau also includes a buffet dinner with mouthwatering Tahitian dishes and cocktails. An island-style dinner AND show? This is definitely a must-see attraction while you’re staying at Tahiti Village!

Float Away to Your Happy Place

Surrounded by palm trees, tiki torches, and a sandy beach entrance, Tahiti Village’s pool is truly a tropical paradise in Las Vegas. The pool area encompasses over 18,000 sq. ft. with numerous thatch umbrellas and lounge chairs available. The pool is seasonally heated so guests can enjoy it all year long. During the summer, it’s heated to the mid 70’s and over 80 degrees in the winter. What stands out about Tahiti Village’s pool is that it also includes one of Las Vegas’ longest Lazy Rivers. Grab a complimentary pool tube and float your way towards pure relaxation. After a long day of pool lounging, there’s nothing more perfect than enjoying a refreshing cocktail at the full-service tiki bar right by the pool.

Relax, Rejuvenate, and Revive

Looking for some well deserved “me time?” Then, head over to Mahana Spa for a refreshing massage and facial. Tahiti Village’s skilled therapists offer a range of massage packages including Tahitian hot stones, aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, and the signature Mahana relaxation massage. Can’t decide on just one massage? Don’t worry – Guests can combine their top two massages with the Island Fusion package. While you’re at the spa, be sure to also get one of Mahana Spa’s facials for the ultimate relaxation. The best part is that all facial treatments are fully customizable for your skin’s unique needs. So, go ahead and treat yourself to an afternoon of pampering. You deserve it.

You never know what you’ll find at the Wiki Wiki, but it’s bound to be something you can’t live without. Like a hula girl shot glass.

These charming hula girl shot glasses can be yours at the Wiki Wiki. Can you resist their charms?
These charming hula girl shot glasses can be yours at the Wiki Wiki. Can you resist their charms?

One of the keys to running a successful resort gift shop is the ability to meet a variety of practical needs while getting you to buy a snow globe. Striking the proper balance between necessities and souvenirs requires insight into what is required and what is desired, a professorial understanding of vacation buying psychology, and a keen eye for inventory presentation.

Las Vegas gift shops satisfy those criteria better than any in the world. In a one-of-a-kind city that attracts millions of visitors, they get a lot of practice. But it’s more than that. They have an uncanny capacity to draw in customers without even trying, acting as a Field of Dreams strewn with dice clocks.

Tahiti Village tiki tumblers

Here at Tahiti Village, the Wiki Wiki transcends the narrow definition of gift shop through its dual function as a minimart and snack bar. We say that with the understanding that, for some of you, a Cup O’ Noodles or a frozen burrito may constitute a gift. Therefore, in the interest of clarity, we hereby consign inventory items to their traditional categories: food, groceries and remedies under Essentials; apparel, costume jewelry and flasks under Novelties.

The ratio of one to the other within Wiki Wiki’s inviting retail space appears roughly 50-50 to the naked eye – a virtual even split between stuff you need and stuff that wages war with your resistance and magically opens your wallet.

Coconut coin bank
Coconut coin bank

You know what we’re talking about:  the myriad alluring items waiting on shelves and hanging on racks for you to discover, some of them loud and verbose (BUY ME! BUY ME!), others quiet and unassuming (buy me! buy me!).

So go ahead and splurge. Grab that coconut coin bank hand-carved as a jungle savage. Take home a Tiki tumbler or two. And what would a trip to Tahiti Village be without a hula girl shot glass? These and so much more can be yours at the Wiki Wiki. And don’t forget about our new online store, where you can purchase a selection of Tahiti Village apparel items that are also available at the Wiki.

As the onsite store for a timeshare resort, the Wiki Wiki’s primary function is to provide you with a facsimile, albeit in miniature, of your home supermarket (minus a meat counter and produce aisle). Any practical human need, want or desire that can possibly arise, be it pharmacological, biological or technological, the Wiki Wiki has thoughtfully provided for.

And that’s a very comforting thought, particularly when you’ve just split the inseam on your favorite pair of pants before a night out in Vegas and could sure use a travel sewing kit.


Las Vegas With Kids – What to Pack

Planning a visit to Tahiti Village with the kids? Remembering to pack some essential items will make your stay that much nicer.
Planning a visit to Tahiti Village with the kids? Remembering to pack some key items will make your stay that much nicer.

Packing for Vegas used to be so simple when you were single. Usually a change of clothes would do, and maybe not even that if you weren’t planning to ever leave the craps table.

But those days are over. You’re respectable now, which means you’ve probably procreated. And yet you still make time for Vegas. If this summer marks your first trip with the kids to Sin City, and therefore to Tahiti Village, you may be wondering what you should pack.

Trust us, you’ll need more than you think.


How many to bring? This question has bedeviled travelers making their first trip to Las Vegas with children since the early `90s, when Sin City officially became a family destination. Don’t sweat it: We’ve devised a foolproof formula to help you determine how many bags to pack.

First, subtract the number of children you’re bringing from the number of days you’re staying. Do the reverse if the number of children exceeds the number of days.

Next, divide the difference by the number of spots on a roulette wheel, multiply the result by the number of seats at a blackjack table, then add by the number of times you’ve left Vegas in the red instead of the black.

Now take that number and subtract it by Las Vegas’ daily average July temperature and you’ll have the answer.

Or to put it simply – one suitcase per child.


Yes, bring it. Las Vegas, believe it or not, has the same mandatory clothing expectations as your own hometown. Use the length-of-stay metric as a barometer for determining how much to pack, but be sure to include two extra shirts per child (in the event of profuse sweating), sleepwear, an extra pair of shoes per child if you’re planning on walking a lot – not recommended in 100-plus degree temperatures during the day – and of course bathing suits for our beautiful tropical beach pool and lazy river!


Whatever products contribute to your kids’ personal hygiene at home will also suffice in Las Vegas. See? We’re not that different after all..


We stressed in a previous article the importance of keeping kids occupied on vacation and suggested that nothing does that better than gadgets. See our recommendations here.


Think of this as extra clothing. Unlike regular clothing, you’ll want to wear more in summer.

Travel Toys

Click here for a handy guide to age-appropriate transportable toys. You’ll need `em.

Things For Baby

If you’re planning on making your children lifelong Vegas visitors, you have to start them young. We recommend no later than two weeks postpartum just to get their little lungs acclimated to smoky casinos. Here’s what you should bring with you:

  • Five diapers per day per child
  • One full package of wipes
  • A sling
  • Sippies and microwave sterilizing bags
  • Formula
  • Baby food
  • Transportable toddler snacks
  • Disposable diaper sacks


Now that you know what to pack, just remember to bring your kids.


Summer Sunday Luau returns for another big season

Summer Sunday LuauOur first official Sunday Summer Luau on May 29 drew a sellout crowd for an evening of great food and wonderful entertainment. With 320 tickets sold over the busy Memorial Day weekend, it was one of the most successful opening nights in the event’s history.

The following week’s, on June 5, attracted another large crowd to the Island Courtyard, where attendees enjoyed a delicious Polynesian buffet and authentic island music and dance from Hot Lava. Our popular summer luau is 7 p.m. every Sunday through Labor Day. Don’t miss it!

For pricing and tickets please call (702) 440-6915.

Manihi Isle is the newest great place to gather at Tahiti Village

Manihi Isle

We are pleased to report the land between the main pool and lazy river, once a fenced off stretch of forbidding dirt and rock, is now a tranquil gathering place with green grass, fresh flowers and lounge chairs.

We call it Manihi Isle.

The 4,000-square foot space will serve as an attractive venue for a variety of activities and offer a more direct route between our popular aquatic attractions. Visitors going back and forth between the pool and lazy river can access Manihi Isle – pronounced Muh-knee-hee – through new interior gates and reduce their travel time.

To celebrate the grand opening, we’ve scheduled a three-pack of fun for this weekend beginning Friday, May 27, with a happy hour featuring food, music, games and a cash bar from 2-6 p.m.

Saturday, May 28, is movie night. The festivities begin at 4 p.m. and include face painting and games like bocce ball, waterfall fishing and cornhole. The movie will begin at dusk. Popcorn, a variety of other fun food, and a specialty cocktail from our cash bar will be available.

We’ll conclude the Manihi Isle grand opening weekend with a luau brunch from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Sunday, May 29. You’ll listen to authentic Tahitian music as you enjoy a continental-style breakfast with juice.

Be sure to stop in for a look on your visit to Tahiti Village. We think you’ll be impressed.

Vacation ownership at Tahiti Village now an even greater value



An increase in lodging rates in 2015 – up more than 18 percent over the previous year owing to a rise in travel frequency – now more than ever underscores the value of vacation ownership.

Consistency of cost is a timeshare hallmark, and while hotel room pricing rose to an average of $102.64 per night in 2015 from $86.55 in 2014, your vacation club remained unaffected by market trends and subsequent supply and demand economics.

Ownership means you are never subject to the unpredictable pricing practices of opportunistic Las Vegas hotels, whose rates rise exorbitantly with each UFC event, mega boxing match or New Year’s Eve weekend.

Conversely, the cost of timeshare ownership remains steady and affordable, with property upkeep through the responsible application of maintenance fees the primary objective – not the wringing of every last dime out of the consumer.

As you’ve discovered, timeshare ownership at Tahiti Village is a great bet, and as we celebrate our 10 anniversary this year, we are humbled and honored to count you among our thousands of vacation club members. We take seriously our responsibility to provide you with a beautifully maintained property and look forward to helping you make wonderful vacation memories year after year.

Help us Celebrate 10 Wonderful Years at Our Special Anniversary Luau!


It is only fitting that we celebrate the momentous occasion of our 10th anniversary with the event that made us famous – our popular summer luau! Tropical fun, food and entertainment are on the menu for April 29, when we mark our official anniversary date with an evening of gorgeous island dancers, muscled warriors and authentic music all courtesy of Hot Lava.

We’ll kick things off at 7 p.m. in the Island Courtyard with a special Polynesian buffet, and you’ll enjoy delicious island drinks throughout the night. Please see the concierge for tickets and special owner pricing, or call (702) 440-6915.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to help us celebrate our special birthday – 10 years comes around only so often.