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The urge to impulse-buy is never greater than when you’re on vacation, but once you get it all back to the room, you’re left with one nagging question: “How do I fit it in my suitcase?” With the launch of our new online store, you don’t have to worry. Visit us here for a great selection of Tahiti Village logo items, including hats, shirts and accessories. With our fast shipping, your purchase will probably beat you home! If you can’t wait to wear it, visit our WikiWiki gift shop in the main lobby. It has everything you’ll find online and more!

It was “busyness” as usual at Tahiti Village in 2016

We concluded Phase II of our comprehensive guest room accommodations. Looking good!

It has been an eventful year here at Tahiti Village, with numerous projects contributing to the value and beautification of your home resort.

January saw the completion of Phase II of our multimillion-dollar guest unit enhancement. Taken together with Phase I, which brought new flooring, carpeting, and sofa sleepers to all rooms, the addition of new furniture, lamps, bedding, and artwork will have us looking great for years to come.

The first month of 2016 also saw us begin work on our vacant lot beautification project, which resulted most significantly in the May opening of Manihi Isle. The land between the main pool and lazy river, for so long a fenced off stretch of dirt and rock, is now a tranquil gathering spot with green grass, fresh flowers, and lounge chairs.

Manihi Isle

Fresh coats of paint to all fences, carports, gates, and guest room interiors completed our January tasks.

In March we embarked on a major landscaping refresher and replacement, and in May we installed garage fencing and a fencing extension atop the Manor Suites wall.

Our new online store offers a great selection of Tahiti Village merchandise.
Our new online store offers a great selection of Tahiti Village merchandise.

The July launch of our new online store meant you could buy as much Tahiti Village gear as you like, wherever you were.

After a delay, dining room tabletops finally arrived in August and were promptly installed in the Bora Bora units. They can take anything you dish out!

Finally, in November, we installed SALTO lock systems on all exterior gates, including the pool area and lazy river. This state-of-the-art, wire-free Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is much more reliable than the old mag-stripe keycards. Best of all, the key won’t demagnetize if it comes into contact with your cell phone.

Thanks again for being part of the Tahiti Village family. We truly value your ownership and hope to see you in 2017. Happy New Year!


You never know what you’ll find at the Wiki Wiki, but it’s bound to be something you can’t live without. Like a hula girl shot glass.

These charming hula girl shot glasses can be yours at the Wiki Wiki. Can you resist their charms?
These charming hula girl shot glasses can be yours at the Wiki Wiki. Can you resist their charms?

One of the keys to running a successful resort gift shop is the ability to meet a variety of practical needs while getting you to buy a snow globe. Striking the proper balance between necessities and souvenirs requires insight into what is required and what is desired, a professorial understanding of vacation buying psychology, and a keen eye for inventory presentation.

Las Vegas gift shops satisfy those criteria better than any in the world. In a one-of-a-kind city that attracts millions of visitors, they get a lot of practice. But it’s more than that. They have an uncanny capacity to draw in customers without even trying, acting as a Field of Dreams strewn with dice clocks.

Tahiti Village tiki tumblers

Here at Tahiti Village, the Wiki Wiki transcends the narrow definition of gift shop through its dual function as a minimart and snack bar. We say that with the understanding that, for some of you, a Cup O’ Noodles or a frozen burrito may constitute a gift. Therefore, in the interest of clarity, we hereby consign inventory items to their traditional categories: food, groceries and remedies under Essentials; apparel, costume jewelry and flasks under Novelties.

The ratio of one to the other within Wiki Wiki’s inviting retail space appears roughly 50-50 to the naked eye – a virtual even split between stuff you need and stuff that wages war with your resistance and magically opens your wallet.

Coconut coin bank
Coconut coin bank

You know what we’re talking about:  the myriad alluring items waiting on shelves and hanging on racks for you to discover, some of them loud and verbose (BUY ME! BUY ME!), others quiet and unassuming (buy me! buy me!).

So go ahead and splurge. Grab that coconut coin bank hand-carved as a jungle savage. Take home a Tiki tumbler or two. And what would a trip to Tahiti Village be without a hula girl shot glass? These and so much more can be yours at the Wiki Wiki. And don’t forget about our new online store, where you can purchase a selection of Tahiti Village apparel items that are also available at the Wiki.

As the onsite store for a timeshare resort, the Wiki Wiki’s primary function is to provide you with a facsimile, albeit in miniature, of your home supermarket (minus a meat counter and produce aisle). Any practical human need, want or desire that can possibly arise, be it pharmacological, biological or technological, the Wiki Wiki has thoughtfully provided for.

And that’s a very comforting thought, particularly when you’ve just split the inseam on your favorite pair of pants before a night out in Vegas and could sure use a travel sewing kit.


Shop our new online store and free up your suitcase!

These are just some of the stylish Tahiti Village tees you can purchase from our new online store at

Have you ever wanted to take home Tahiti Village souvenirs but didn’t because you couldn’t fit them all in your suitcase? Or have you ever flipped a coin to decide between two equally desirable items from the Wiki Wiki because even one more shirt in your bag would exceed the maximum allowable weight limit of most airlines?

Compromise no longer!

The launch of our new online store means you can buy as much Tahiti Village gear as you like, whenever you like. Just visit for a selection of attractive hats, shirts and accessories – all with our sleek new logo. With our fast shipping, your purchase will probably beat you home.

Happy shopping, and check back often for even more Tahiti Village logo items coming soon!